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Best Waterproof Pouches for Android Phones

Brace your phone. Summer is coming.

Whether you’re heading somewhere awesome and wet for your vacation like the Bahamas, or you’re intending to bring your phone along as you go tubing on the Comal River, a waterproof pouch is an easy way to protect your phone from electronics’ biggest enemy: water.

IPX8 cases are widely prevalent, come in many styles, colors, and sizes to accommodate phones both big and small, and since they’re usually big enough for  [Read More…]

BlackBerry Priv leather pocket pouches are 50% off for today only!

Hand crafted and finished in Nappa leather, this protective pocket pouch for the BlackBerry Priv features a soft inner lining and a magnet to put the phone into power-saving mode to extend your battery life while staying protected. Grab yours in black or tan today for just $ 19.95.