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Nest cameras’ speakers used in horrific prank

Warning of North Korean missile attack broadcast by someone who got into a user’s account — but not by hacking the hardware.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good headline, they say. (And I should know — I’ve been writing headlines for 20 years.)

But if the following headline from the San Jose Mercury News sounds just a little too sensational, you’re right. It is.

“5 minutes of sheer terror”: Hackers infiltrate East Bay  [Read More…]

The invisible home screen: an ultra minimal theme, or excellent April Fool’s Day prank

This theme pulls double duty as an April Fool’s prank and testament to Android’s customizable beauty.

There are few themes that are quite as flexible and adaptable as what I like to call the “invisible” home screen. It’s a theme that could only exist on Android, and it is both high art and farce. It is both a prank and a functional beauty. Setting up this theme is quite easy, it can work with just about any  [Read More…]

If the Moto Z2 Force isn’t unveiled on July 25th, then Motorola has been playing an elaborate prank

After the initial invitation was sent out last week, Motorola has sent another teaser for an event on July 25th where the company is expected to unveil the Moto Z2 Force.