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Video: Pre-order your Archos G9 tablet September 20 for as low as $299


Archos tablets are known for being cheaper, but they also tend to come with lower specs. Yet, we were impressed with both the announcement of these tablets, as well as the announcement of their prices. Archos now offers the great combination we all dream of: quality and affordability. This generation of tablets offers an array of versions, varying in size, processor and internal storage (flash and hard drive). And Archos has  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Now up for Pre-Order at BestBuy

We have some good news for all the Samsung fanboys in the US. Samsung is finally gearing up to launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 via BestBuy and the tablet is now up for pre-order. At the moment, only the 16 GB metallic gray version is available and BestBuy is offering it for $ 469.99. Samsung also announced the LTE version of it a few days ago, so no  [Read More…]

Pre-order the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Touch for only $150


Being able to pre-order high-end Android phones isn’t anything new. It saves you the hassle of rushing out to buy your new phone on launch day, but what if a pre-order actually saved you money? If you are planning on buying the Samsung Epic 4G Touch from Sprint, we suggest you head on over to WireFly where they are handing out a 25% discount for anyone who pre-orders the phone. Android  [Read More…]