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Where to buy the Galaxy S8 in the U.S.: Pre-orders start March 30, retail release on April 21

Here’s how, when and where you’ll be able to buy Samsung’s latest phones.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are going up for pre-order starting March 30, which precedes a full release on April 21 in stores and online. With the three week lag time that means you’ll have a little while to decide what size and color you want, but also lock in your order early so you can get it as soon as possible without hunting  [Read More…]

T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint are already shipping LG G6 pre-orders

LG G6 is already in the hands of a few lucky customers.

U.S. carriers have kicked off pre-orders for the LG G6 ahead of its debut in the country on April 7, and customers that have ordered the device are already starting to see shipping notices, with deliveries scheduled for later this week. T-Mobile was the first carrier to announce pricing, and the first to ship the handset to customers.

A few AT&T and Sprint customers that  [Read More…]

T-Mobile starts shipping LG G6 pre-orders earlier

The LG G6 got unveiled at MWC 2017 and if you’ve taken a liking to the device and couldn’t wait to get your hands on it, then we have some good news for you. The flagship is scheduled to officially launch at T-Mobile on April 7, but as it turns out some customers who have […]

Galaxy S8 pre-orders may ship as early as Apr 18

Expect a big pre-order push in Samsung’s home market.

As it looks to draw a line under last year’s Note 7 unpleasantness, Samsung is reportedly betting big on Galaxy S8 pre-orders. South Korean outlet The Investor reports that subsidized deals for the new flagship will be unveiled from April 7, with pre-orders shipping out to customers as soon as April 18. It’s worth noting that this likely refers to Korea, not necessarily other parts of the world,  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 launching March 24, pre-orders start March 17 at $599

It won’t be cheap, but you also don’t have many other options.

Initial leaks about price proved to be correct, as now we know for sure the Galaxy Tab S3 will go up for pre-order starting March 17, with in-store availability coming March 24. The price, as expected, is a smooth $ 599 that puts it up in the same territory as Apple’s iPad lineup of the same size.

For that money you’re getting Samsung’s most powerful tablet yet,  [Read More…]

LG G6 pre-orders at Verizon start March 17 for $672 with three great promo deals

And a free Google Home is just one of the promos Verizon is offering with pre-orders.

We just got a hot tip about the Verizon LG G6 from one of those people who are close to the action and it looks like pre-orders will be cranking up this week and everyone can get in on a great promo!

According to this quick pic of some Verizon internal materials, pre-orders start Friday, March 17 for the LG G6. It appears  [Read More…]

dbrand launched Galaxy S8 skin pre-orders just a little early

Hey, why not pre-order a dbrand skin before the phone even launches?

It’s no secret that case and accessory makers often get early access to specifications — and even renders — of unreleased phones, and one has surfaced today giving us a stylistic look at the back of the Galaxy S8. This one comes courtesy of the well-known peel-and-stick phone skin company dbrand, which makes skins for just about every popular phone out there.

The  [Read More…]

Nintendo Switch ProTip — Get discounts on game pre-orders!

Save yourself some cash and plan out your Nintendo Switch games.

Not everyone likes pre-ordering games, especially launch games for a new console. Many people wait for game reviews to decide whether they want to participate in the excitement, and those aren’t always available as the first wave of games come out for a new console.

If you’re already planning to get a Nintnedo Switch, and you know you’re going to want at least one or two  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: LG V20 and AXON 7 Mini preorders are coming soon, Cuba gets the Chrome Web Store

Your daily dose of Android goodness in one ready-to-serve package. It’s delicious!

Happy Monday everyone!

We’re at the tail end of phone season here in Android land, but there are still some to look out for. The LG V20 is almost ready to appear on shelves and hands, and we’ve got a smaller sibling to the well-received AXON 7 from ZTE on its way. Not to mention Google’s Pixel which is due to hit mailboxes in  [Read More…]

BlackBerry officially announces the DTEK50, pre-orders now open for $299

BlackBerry has officially announced the keyboardless DTEK50, the second Android offering from the company. Being touted as the world’s most secure Android smartphone, it features a 5.2-inch scratch resistant display, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a convenience key which you can map to your favorite app and much more. As you’d imagine, BlackBerry has hardened the OS on the DTEK50, added a secure boot process and much more to ensure that it is the most secure it can be.

More: BlackBerry  [Read More…]