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Sprint’s Virgin Mobile prepaid brand is shutting down next month

The Virgin Mobile brand in other countries will remain unaffected.

What you need to know Sprint has confirmed that it is shutting down the Virgin Mobile brand in the U.S. Virgin Mobile customers will be migrated over to Boost Mobile. The transition is expected to be fairly smooth, since both Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile use the same network.

Sprint has announced that it will be pulling the plug on Virgin Mobile USA next month. The brand  [Read More…]

Is Verizon Prepaid a better value than Visible?

Unlimited for less Visible

$ 40/mo. at Visible

Pros Unlimited talk, text, and LTE data Unlimited hotspot (5Mbps) Verizon LTE Lower unlimited price Cons No international service Fewer available phones No roaming or 3G service

Visible offers a great unlimited option for smartphone users that are covered by the Verizon LTE network, which is most people. With a simple flat rate, this is a great option for heavy and light data users alike.

Plenty  [Read More…]

What happens to Sprint Prepaid, Boost, and Virgin customers under Dish?

The long wait for New T-Mobile is finally coming to an end with clearance from the Department of Justice to complete a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. One thing you may not have seen coming in this was Dish Network purchasing Sprint Prepaid, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile along with Sprint’s 800Mhz spectrum. So what does this mean for current prepaid customers?

Combining its new Sprint spectrum with its existing portfolio of low-band spectrum, Dish will build a  [Read More…]

Want a Verizon prepaid phone? Here are a few options

If you’re going prepaid, you can certainly try to bring your own device to Verizon. Verizon is pretty strict about which phones it’ll allow, and many unlocked phones aren’t even compatible with the network. Otherwise, Verizon has a selection of prepaid phones that you can purchase directly, which may make for less of a headache in the long run. Here are a few that you should consider first.

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy S10+

There are few  [Read More…]

The best prepaid phones you can buy today

The idea of a prepaid phone has become increasingly vague in recent years. Technically, almost any phone can be a prepaid phone these days — that is, just about any phone can be financed or bought outright and used on a prepaid network. Still, most prepaid shoppers are looking for a value offering, so we’ve compiled some of the best phones offered by major prepaid carriers under $ 300.

Best on Verizon — Moto G7 Power

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Nokia 3.1 A and C heading to AT&T Prepaid and Cricket in the U.S.

They’re launching on June 10 and June 14, respectively.

What you need to know The Nokia 3.1 A and 3.1 C are coming to AT&T Prepaid and Cricket, respectively. Notable specs include the Snapdragon 429 and a 5.45-inch 18:9 display. Pricing details will be made available when they launch on June 10 and June 14.

Earlier this year, HMD Global-owned Nokia made its U.S. carrier debut with the Nokia 3.1 Plus for Cricket Wireless. Now, the company’s  [Read More…]

Buy a new Android phone at Verizon and get a $200 prepaid MasterCard

Pick your favorite phone.

Buy a new phone at Verizon and you can get a $ 200 prepaid MasterCard. The available phones include all the latest and greatest from Android: the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10s, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Note9, LG V40 ThinQ, LG G8 ThinQ, Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Red Hydrogen One, or the Moto Z3. Pick any one of those phones and sign up for a new line of service on Verizon Unlimited.  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile review: A cheaper, better prepaid cellular plan in the U.S.

Great low-cost cell service.

AC Score 4

Cell phone plans are a necessary evil in the modern world, so it seems like everyone is trying to get to a cheaper plan to save some money. There are a few great prepaid plans out there, but the best that I’ve found is Mint Mobile.

Mint Mobile — formerly Mint SIM — has been around for a  [Read More…]

Android Central’s guide to U.S. prepaid wireless plans

Sick of committing to annual contracts? Enjoy the flexibility of a prepaid wireless plan.

The days of being locked into a lengthy wireless contract are over, as there is a plethora of prepaid options that allow you to pay for your phone service on a month-to-month basis. We’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the top prepaid wireless options for you in this handy guide.

Check your coverage

One of the first things you should consider when  [Read More…]

Verizon introduces Safe Wi-Fi VPN for public networks, new prepaid promo

Public Wi-Fi networks are always a risky ordeal. You’re sending all of your data over an unsecured network, and if anyone wanted to intercept that data, it really isn’t that hard. Most people don’t think about it, but it’s a substantial security risk.

Verizon is trying to combat that with a new feature called Safe Wi-Fi. This feature is basically a VPN that is only enabled when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, encrypts  [Read More…]