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Samsung Galaxy S5 gets a prime update for Korea


Samsung on Wednesday announced a new version of its Galaxy S5 flagship phone, unwrapping the Galaxy S5 LTE-A. Once known by the name of Galaxy S5 Prime, it’s the first smartphone to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 processor which boasts four 2.5GHz Krait 450 CPU cores as well as the Adreno 420 GPU. What’s more, this is also the first device of its kind to offer theoretical download  [Read More...]

As many of us get our weekend World Cup viewing under way, the folks here at Android Central have put together our weekly roundup called Apps of the Week. This isn’t a soccer-themed list, though — we’ve pulled together an app that each of us here at AC have been using in the last week, no matter what it is. That means we get a nice diverse list of games, utilities, media apps and other odds-and-ends.

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galaxy s5 prime

Details of a device which is suspected to be the premium version of the Galaxy S5, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy F or Galaxy S5 Prime, have been surfacing lately leading to belief that such a device actually exists.

The latest leak comes courtesy of @evleaks again which looks very much like a Galaxy S5 from the front, but shows what appears to be  [Read More...]

Even before the launch of the Galaxy S5, the Internet rumormill was abuzz with reports of a metal-clad Quad-HD variant, dubbed the Galaxy S5 Prime. After months of leaks, possible device sightings and rumors, we have our first clear look at the purported Galaxy F, thanks to notorious leakster @evleaks.

As rumors continue to swirl surrounding the final form of Samsung’s purported “super flagship” handset, popularly referred to as the Galaxy S5 Prime, we’re seeing more evidence of the device’s existence. PhoneArena, which snagged a couple of cheeky pictures of a similar looking phone back in May, has published new images showing the back and front of the device, along with a comparison with the current Galaxy S5.

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Amazon has unveiled a music streaming service, dubbed Prime Music, that will be offered for free to all existing Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon mentions that consumers can choose from over 1 million songs from the catalog at launch, and is also offering a 30-day fee trail for non-Prime members to check out the service.

HTC M9 Prime, M9 due in Q1 2015


Whilst the HTC One M8 Prime was allegedly shelved by HTC, rumours have surfaced that point to the next iteration of the One Mx family to hit the market in the first quarter of 2015.

The HTC One M9 and HTC One M9 Prime are already being worked on by the company according to @evleaks, who also notes that the Prime variation of the HTC  [Read More...]

GO Launcher 5 PRIME free for limited time

go launcher 5

GO Launcher has reached version 5, with the developers stating the UI and UX have been recreated from the bottom up. To mark the release of GO Launcher 5, the developers are offering the PRIME version which usually retails for $ 5.99 for free for a limited time.

The PRIME version of GO Launcher unlocks the following features:

Remove Ads to ensure pure  [Read More...]

HTC One M8 Prime development halted indefinitely


If like the many new HTC One M8 owners around you felt pretty hard done by when HTC announced they were working on an M8 Prime variant, then today you can feel a little bit better about your purchase as it appears HTC have halted development of the M8 Prime indefinitely.

Notorious leaker @evleaks took to Twitter to announce that sources have told him that  [Read More...]

Amazon may be the latest entrant into the streaming music business, and could be adding the feature to its $ 99 per year Prime service as early as next month. According to sources of BuzzFeed, Amazon has locked up deals with two of the big three music labels (Universal Music Group is on the fence) to launch a music streaming service that would be included at no extra cost with your Amazon Prime subscription.

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