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Interested in CAD and 3D printing? Dive deep with this 12-book bundle from Make

You’re probably at least passively familiar with 3D printing. It’s certainly not new and the benefits and applications continue to grow. Surely you’ve seen scale models, prototypes, toys, and other items printed from a 3D printer.

We’re now entering a different phase; Volkswagen, for instance, recently announced it was going to use metal printing know-how to craft spare parts like gear knobs and custom lettering. Things are getting quite serious for 3D printing. Are you ready?

Understanding CAD (computer-aided design)  [Read More…]

Printing from an Android phone no longer sucks thanks to Mopria

When it comes to using phones instead of computers, things are fairly seamless. What’s more, we live in a digital age where we don’t print things out all that often. Getting a physical copy of an email, movie ticket, or school paper is virtually a thing of the past.

This hardly means we can toss the printer out the window. There are still going to be times where it’s those vital times to have something printed. In the era of  [Read More…]

Mobile printing to a Mopria-ready printer is as easy as it gets (Review & Giveaway)

Let’s be honest for a moment. Printing from a smartphone hasn’t always been easy. Up until the more recent versions of Android it was, for all practical purposes, nearly impossible. But, things have changed over the years and we’re getting to a place where cloud-based and connected printers make things much simpler. In an increasing […]

Android apps for 3D Printing — hit or miss but tons of fun

There are limits to how much you can get done on a 3D Printer with just Android apps, but those limits aren’t necessarily technical.

It turns out 3D Printing isn’t only simultaneously incredibly cool and wildly frustrating, it’s uncontrollably addictive. If you’re a big fan of playing with new things, and you get a 3D Printer, you pretty much spend anything that closely resembles free time thinking about what to do next with that 3D Printer.  [Read More…]

Autodesk launches Tinkerplay App in hopes of making 3D design and printing fun

Tinkerplay, a new free app from Autodesk, hopes to make 3D printing and designing a little more fun.

3D printing is becoming more and more popular, and our own Russell Holly has been having quite a good time with it, but designing and printing isn’t for everyone. The folks at Autodesk have just released a new app for Android, iOS and even Windows Phone that they hope will make the experience much easier.

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Adventures in 3D Printing — dealing with failure

3D Printing is a ton of fun, but the learning curve with this technology means you’re going to have a lot of failures early on. And later on. There’s a lot of failure in your future.

For the last week, I have been fortunate enough to mess around with the Ultimaker 2 3D Printer. Having a 3D Printer 10 feet from your desk is an incredible experience, and the list of things I want to print  [Read More…]

Accessory printing – the ultimate customization for your Android

Making your own smartphone and tablet accessories with a 3D Printer opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities.

It’s late, something like 2 a.m., and everyone in the house has almost simultaneously discovered the need for tacos. I hop into the passenger seat, throw my phone into the cupholder, and off we go. On the way back from this random taco run, a deer wanders out into the road and my friend slams  [Read More…]

Adventures in 3D Printing with Android

We’re taking a look at this vast, exciting world where — in theory — you are only limited by your imagination.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the tech world who doesn’t think 3D Printers are cool. The ability to create a design and have a machine assemble that design out of little more than a coil of plastic is fascinating stuff, and knowing that this technology isn’t remotely new leads to this exciting  [Read More…]

MakerBot Mobile for Android brings 3D printing to your phone

MakerBot has released its official app for Android on Google Play. MakerBot Mobile adds convenience to the 3D printing process. You’ll be able to access designs from your MakerBot Cloud library, or download designs from the MakerBot Thingiverse and print them wirelessly from the app.

My KODAK Moments brings instant gratification to photo printing with in-store kiosk integration

In the world of Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, the My KODAK Moments app lets users share their memories the old fashioned way: through prints. With the My KODAK Moments app, users can order photos and photo gifts and have those items shipped or even pick up their photos on the same day in a store.

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