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Ring makes two-factor authentication mandatory, adds new privacy controls

Changes are rolling out today and Ring will email customers once they are active.

What you need to know Ring will soon require all customers to use two-factor authentication when logging in. It will also allow customers to opt-out of sharing information with third-party service providers for advertising. The Amazon-owned home security camera company experienced a data breach in 2019, which lead to many customer’s cameras becoming compromised.

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Xiaomi is testing a new privacy feature that flags suspicious app behavior

The new controls will go even beyond what Android 10 offers.

What you need to know Xiaomi is reportedly working on beefing up security in MIUI 11. It’s working on a feature that notifies users when an app uses sensitive permissions. Potentially suspicious behavior, like opening another app or autostarting in the background, will also be flagged.

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Verizon’s new OneSearch search engine puts privacy at the forefront

It will provide unbiased and unfiltered results for all.

What you need to know Verizon launched its privacy-focused search engine, OneSearch, on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. OneSearch will respect your privacy by not storing records tied to you or sharing your search data with advertisers. Verizon has not said which search engine will power OneSearch, but that it will provide unbiased and unfiltered results for all users.

It should be no surprise by now that what you  [Read More…]

Google Assistant is getting digital sticky notes and more privacy in 2020

Google’s virtual assistant looks to be getting truly helpful in 2020.

What you need to know Google Assistant is coming to more devices this year as the company reports over 500 million users. The Assistant will get better for your household with scheduled actions and digital sticky notes for your smart displays. Google will also double down on privacy, adding new features so users can be more educated and in control of their data.

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Here are four Instagram privacy settings every user should know about

You can take steps to protect your privacy on Instagram without taking your account private.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms that continues to expand and evolve since it first launched as a relatively simplistic photo sharing app nearly a decade ago.

In 2019, it’s not uncommon for one person to juggle multiple Insta accounts; one for personal posts and second or third for your work, your pets, your favorite hobby, or  [Read More…]

Restore your online privacy with this deep IPVanish VPN Cyber Monday deal

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Facebook launches Privacy and Safety Hub for Messenger

There aren’t any new features, though.

What you need to know Facebook this week launched the Privacy and Safety Hub for Messenger. The new section on the Messenger website features a list of privacy and security-focused features available to you on the platform. The company reiterated its intention to eventually bake end-to-end encryption into the app by default.

Facebook has made privacy a big talking point in its corporate messaging in the past few years — though  [Read More…]

Save up to 75% on ShieldApps cyber privacy software for your PC

Did you know that your digital information and web activity is constantly monitored, tracked, and logged? What are you doing about it?

Once gathered, your information is processed, sold, and used to monetize your internet activity by third parties. Put an end to all of that junk.

The ShieldApps Cyber Privacy Suite is privacy enhancement software that monitors hundreds of micro-parameters on your computer. Further, it exposes data that can endanger your identity.

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Android 10 puts privacy controls into users hands like never before

When it comes to privacy, more is always better.

There are a lot of changes to enhance our privacy while we’re on our phones in Android 10.

These aren’t the big user-facing features that manage to get all the press and win hearts and minds or anything like that, but the might be the most important changes to Android in recent memory. We store our lives on our phones, and anything that keeps prying eyes off of  [Read More…]