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The Essential Phone is a remarkable product released as a beta

This beta should have stayed in testing a bit longer, but now that it’s out, the Essential Phone is turning into a good phone.

It’s not uncommon for people to accuse Google of treating its users as beta testers, but that notion — release fast and broken, and fix problems later on — is, in fact, an entrenched part of the startup culture as a whole. It just looks unbecoming of a company with a market cap  [Read More…]

The HTC Vive is a life-changing product for people with mobility issues

The HTC Vive lets you see the world when you’re unable to go out and be there.

When I first heard about products like the HTC Vive becoming real things you could actually buy, some of my first thoughts were about using one to virtually visit the places and see the sights I’d otherwise be unable to. Mobility issues and white water rafting through the Grand Canyon don’t mix very well, for example.

Fast forward a few  [Read More…]

Google Assistant’s new features transform it from product to platform

Google’s next platform is all about machine learning and natural language processing.

A full year on from its launch at Google I/O 2016, Google Assistant has both expanded to new devices and added dozens of features that truly reposition it as a platform rather than a product. With everything announced at this year’s Google I/O conference, Google Assistant is a common backend of knowledge and capabilities that can be accessed through multiple interfaces on multiple devices with  [Read More…]

Motorola’s alphabetical Moto product release road map leaks out

Over the weekend, we got the opportunity to learn more about the upcoming Moto X (2017) which by the looks of it will be sold as the Moto Z4 when it makes a debut later this year. On top of leaking the Moto Z4’s logo, the prolific @evleaks also posted an image that was apparently […]

Fossil continues trying to sell smartwatches to the mainstream with new product lineup

Fossil’s new hybrid and touchscreen smartwatches combine stylish design with the powerful features of Android Wear 2.0.

Fossil was one of the first watchmakers to get in on the smartwatch game, releasing its first attempt, the Fossil Q Founder back in 2015. More recently, its second-generation smartwatches were upgraded to Android Wear 2.0, giving them most of the same functionality as the new LG Watch Sport — excluding the hardware limitations.

This week, at the Baselworld watch and jewellery  [Read More…]

Master Product Management with this bundle for 79% off

Product Management is a skill that many companies are looking for these days as they bring new products to market, test new ideas, and figure out which direction to go. In today’s world, things change so fast that you’ve always got to be ahead of the curve or you get left behind quickly, and no one wants that. Wouldn’t it be cool to get involved with the next big thing, before it is the next big thing? Well, you can  [Read More…]

Coin officially shutting down product support by end of next month

Coin will be shutting down product services and support as of February 28.

The end is nigh for Coin cards, secure smart payment devices that allow you to store information from up to eight credit, debit or gift cards onto one, digitally secured, wallet-sized card.

Coin had already begun shutting down all their business operations since Fitbit officially acquired the start up back in June of 2016. Now, just seven months after the sale, the company took  [Read More…]

NVIDIA shows us all the right way to update a product line

When “old” models get all the features from the new everyone wins.

We expected a new Shield TV was in the works. The current model is one of the best Android products available and NVIDIA keeps it that way by constantly providing content and fine tuning the features and software. You can tell they care about the Shield name, and specifically a Shield set-top box. We didn’t expect to see Google Assistant or the NVIDIA Spot that  [Read More…]

LG’s latest audio product is a speaker you wear around your neck

How about a speaker that you wear around your neck?

LG is all set to unveil two interesting audio products at CES. The first is the LG Tone Studio, which is a neckband with built-in speakers that blasts music up at your ears. The Tone Studio has four speakers — two at the top and two vibrating speakers at the bottom — that provide a “personal surround sound experience when watching a movie, playing a video game or simply  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Smartwatches, the zombie product category

Taking a quick break from vacation to get back up to speed with the mobile world.

I’ve used my fair share of smartwatches over the past few years, starting with Pebbles, then picking up with Android Wear and watching Samsung figure out its wearable strategy with the each iteration of the Gear line. In that time I’ve also spent plenty of time with fitness bands on my wrist, which in the past year have turned into  [Read More…]