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FLIR One Pro preview: An Android-powered thermal imaging camera made for professionals

If you require thermal imaging to get the job done, the FLIR One Pro is one of the best solutions for doing so with your smartphone.

Contractors, road warriors, electricians, plumbers — whatever your occupation is, if it’s dealing with scalding hot things or even temperate metal, chances are you’ll get plenty of use from a little plug-in thermal imaging camera like the FLIR One Pro.

This is the professional version of the FLIR One, one of  [Read More…]

Reach Out to Other Professionals


Professionals from all walks of life are always striving to find their passion. Have you found yours? Big Rock Labs developed a free networking app – Reach: Real Time Networking. Young professionals can reach out to make real connections with others. Users connect with location-based technology to link with others in their area. Together, they can discover new opportunities quicker and find out what motivates  [Read More…]

Adaptxt Legal Keyboard for Law Professionals


Law Professionals Can Now Eliminate Embarrassing Typos with Android Legal Dictionary com.kpt.adaptxt.legal Guest Contribution Post By: Sumit Goswami, CEO, Keypoint Technologies


We’ve all probably experienced embarrassing auto-corrections when emailing and texting friends and family on our mobile devices. Now imagine you’re a legal professional or law student engulfed in language specific to your industry where every  [Read More…]