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Go from coding beginner to professional Python programmer for just $39

Learning a new programming language can be pretty tough if you try to go it alone. Sure, there’s always YouTube videos and books to check out, but there’s something intrinsically valuable about having a coach or educator standing beside you.

It’s easier than ever to learn how to create websites, tools, and robotic devices from the comfort of your own office. We’re currently offering an incredible deal on something that helps wanna-be coders become adept at Python and programming.

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Become a master Android programmer by taking our step-by-step course

Isn’t it crazy that people can develop apps that turn into multi billion dollar companies? Uber and Lyft are perfect examples of apps that connected drivers to passengers and all it took was a bit of programming to turn an idea into reality. Chances of developing the next big hit are slim. But that doesn’t

Become a master Android programmer with over 9 hours of learning content, 80% off [Deal of the Day]


It’s Halloween and that means spooky things are milling about under the shade of night. You know the scariest thing lurking around, however, is unrealized potential. Your potential. Somewhere, deep down, you have what it takes to create the next great Android app but there’s something holding you back. Lack of knowledge? Lack of experience? Lack of confidence in your skill set? Say boo to  [Read More…]