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Project Fi app now lets you record and manage voicemail greetings with a tap

The Project Fi app has received a small, but nonetheless useful update, bringing the ability for users to easily record and manage multiple voicemail greetings right from the app. Of course, there are some bug fixes coming along for the ride as well. Here’s the full skinny on what’s new:

Record, manage, and switch between multiple voicemail greetings directly from the app Bug fixes and performance improvements

With the changes, you’ll be able to use a new  [Read More…]

It’s time for you to ditch T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon: Save money with Google’s Project Fi


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AT&T announced that it is bringing back “Unlimited Data” today for its DIRECTV and UVERSE customers at $ 100 for the first line and $ 40 for each additional line. I was originally on AT&T Wireless back when the first iPhone came out and signed up for the only data plan at the time, which was the Unlimited Plan for $ 30 on top of my monthly limited  [Read More…]

Lenovo just announced a mindblowing Project Tango device

In case you haven’t heard, Project Tango is all about incorporating 3D space and area into your smartphone. As Google’s website says, “The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.”.

Project Tango is an exciting venture designed for virtual reality. Using computer vision, image processing, and vision sensors it enables us to move forward in the path of VR and how we use it. It’s no coincidence that virtual reality is expected  [Read More…]

Intel opens pre-orders for RealSense smartphone dev kit with Google’s Project Tango

Intel is moving forward with its plans to place a version of its RealSense 3D camera inside an Android smartphone. As part of its CES 2016 announcements, the company has begun taking pre-orders for its RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit. The 6-inch smartphone, which also supports Google’s Project Tango 3D scanning camera technology, is priced at $ 399.

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Google and Lenovo partner for first consumer-ready Project Tango smartphone

At CES 2016, Google and Lenovo have announced plans to team up to create the first consumer-ready smartphone featuring Project Tango tech.

How to set up a Project Fi data-only SIM with your tablet

Bring the great Project Fi experience to your connected tablet, too.

After several months as a phone-only service, Project Fi recently introduced a new “data-only SIM” option to let you share your existing Fi account and data usage with your LTE-enabled tablet. This is pretty standard stuff if you’re comparing to the other big carriers in the U.S., but for Project Fi it’s always exciting to get new features.

If you’re a Project Fi user (or  [Read More…]

Project Fi now supports data-only devices like tablets

Google’s Project Fi MVNO is a very unique experiment that uses both T-Mobile and Sprint cellular networks to make a hybrid network that boasts some pretty solid coverage across the United States. However, since it is often bridging two foreign legacy networks it uses some interesting magic to make things work well. Since there is so much witchcraft going on and Google has needed to have full control over the phones that are connected to it (and technology restrictions pretty  [Read More…]

Project Fi introduces data-only SIM cards for a handful of compatible tablets

Project Fi is now offering data-only SIM cards for use with tablets and other devices. You can order a data-only SIM if you have already activated Fi service, and tablets with these cards will have the same data price as your phone, $ 10 per gigabyte. When checking your data usage, it will be broken down by device once you install a data-only SIM.

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Oppo planning Project Spectrum near-stock Android ROM for the R7s in 2016

The new Oppo R7s is now on sale in Europe, and while we’re waiting on our review unit to land, we bring news of the exciting sounding “Project Spectrum” from the Chinese manufacturer. Having been already announced for the Find 7 and Find 7a, one Android Central reader posed the question in the comments as to whether it would find its way to the R7s.

And Oppo responded with good news. It currently plans to offer the software for  [Read More…]

Sign up now for an instant Project Fi invite and $80 off the Nexus 5X

Today is the last day you can sign up to receive an instant Project Fi invite and save $ 80 on the Nexus 5x. That’s right, if you’ve been wanting to try out Project Fi, Google’s invite-only cellular service, you won’t want to miss out on this chance to skip the line.