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Project Ara’s chief designer departs Google

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Google’s Project Ara reached beta status. Those are some great news and we should see it hit the market in eight months. However there are some bad news as well. Unfortunately Project Ara’s chief designer Dan Makoski is leaving his position and Google altogether.

This information comes directly from Dan Makoski’s blog. He started his blog post with: “Starting tomorrow, there will  [Read More...]

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Remember Phonebloks aka Project Ara? Yeah, that “crazy” modular smartphone concept by Motorola which Google took over and has been working on ever since. Well, it turns out Google has some great news for us, Project Ara reached beta status.

So, here’s the gist. Google launched “Scouts” program in October last year. That very same program attracted 30,000 people who answered questions and completed  [Read More...]

Google’s modular Project Ara phone concept will get publicly tested by 100 members of the public through a program called Ara Scouts. The modular phone experiment was born out of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team and now it seems that 100 members of the public will be receiving an early prototype to test, use, and provide Google with feedback on how to improve Ara before it gets released commercially sometime early next year.

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During the Google I/O 2014, Google introduced the Android One series. The devices under it will be released in developing nations, and this is actually Google’s move to take a huge chunk out of the low-end smartphone market. There was a time when Nokia conquered it, now as Google Android powered smartphones are on top when we talk about high-end smartphones, they are also joining hands  [Read More...]


Google’s Project Tango is certainly an impressive concept, and that is set to be made a reality with LG announcing a partnership with Google to bring Project Tango hardware to life.

Project Tango is unique because the idea allows 3D mapping of your environment through a variety of sensors and cameras. Now imagine this on a tablet, and better yet seeing it on shelves as  [Read More...]

Google I/O brings together all the best – and craziest – that Google has to offer, including this year an interesting session from the ATAP team. They would be the “pirates” messing around with the awesome looking stuff like Project Ara and Project Tango and in their session at I/O they had some interesting news for anyone wondering when they’ll get some Tango in consumer products. 2015.

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Project Tango, a Google research project aimed at making gadgets aware of 3D space, has produced a new prototype that fits into a slim tablet form factor. Google intends to ship these out to developers later this year for $ 1,024, and have opened up a page where you can sign up for notifications. This bad boy packs some serious horsepower, including an NVIDIA K1 chip, a 7-inch 1080p display, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, USB  [Read More...]

NVIDIA unveils Tegra K1-powered Project Tango tablet

Tango Tablet_white

NVIDIA on Thursday unveiled its Project Tango Developers’ Kit, which centers around a 7-inch Tegra K1-powered tablet. Packing 129 programmable GPU cores, it’s easily one of the most powerful devices of its kind and holds the keys to the future of mobile computing.

In addition to that beast of a processor, other hardware details include 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. What’s more, this  [Read More...]

If you’re out there creating original content and putting it on YouTube, Google wants to help you do it even better. As announced on the YouTube Creator blog today, a Creator Preview project has been launched based on the idea that those who create content want to know more about what’s in the works.

In addition to what’s highlighted in the video above, YouTube has laid out some of the features they’re currently working on to get added for  [Read More...]


Don’t be surprised if Google drops a Project Tango-based tablet on developers next month at the annual Google I/O conference. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is readying a tablet version of its latest mobile initiative. Capable of recording 3D maps of indoor locations, these prototype tablets are alleged to number roughly 4,000 and should be handed directly to developers who can begin to  [Read More...]