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Andy Rubin’s upcoming high-end smartphone project loses SoftBank funding

Back in January, we heard that Android creator, Andy Rubin has gathered up a team and together they are working on a premium smartphone meant to take on the Google Pixel and Apple iPhone. A device named Essential FIH-PM1 (most likely Rubin’s phone) even popped up in Geekbench revealing the phone might come with a […]

Google testing Voice over LTE support for Project Fi

Project Fi is testing VoLTE support via T-Mobile’s network

If you’re a Project Fi customer, you may have noticed improved call quality over the past few weeks. That’s because Google has been quietly testing Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for a subset of Project Fi users, formally announced in a post on the Project Fi Help Forum. If you’re curious to know if you’re one of the fortunate testers for this new service, you can find out by looking for  [Read More…]

Project Fi subscribers will get LTE calls soon

Are you a Project Fi subscriber? If that’s the case, we have a piece of good news we want to share with you. Google announced that for the past few weeks it has been testing Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls for select users of Project Fi. The most noticeable benefit consumers will experience with VoLTE […]

Jumpstart your Project Management Professional certification for only $49 (Deal of the Day)

Are you stuck in a rut at work, spending your days just working for the man? Wouldn’t it be better if you actually were ‘the man”? Unfortunately, most jobs and careers worth pursuing need the upper management to know how to organize and run things smoothly. One way of ensuring candidates are qualified to head up […]

Microsoft releases Project Rome SDK for Android

Easily control your Windows 10 devices with just your Android smartphone.

Ever wish you could control your PC from your Android device without having to finagle some third-party app you found in the Play Store? Microsoft’s Project Rome SDK aims to help with the multi-device life that many of us live on the daily.

Project Rome for Android is now available to let you connect to your Android devices. It’s limited at the moment, so you can  [Read More…]

ZTE considers cancelling Project CSX ‘Hawkeye’ smartphone after poor response

ZTE continues to trip over its own proverbial feet by assuming that a crowd knows what it wants.

The crowdsourced, crowdfunded ZTE Hawkeye, which in just under three weeks has raised only $ 35,000, has come under fire for ostensibly thinking that its potential audience would be willing to concede to a mid-range spec sheet after lobbying for the device to be a pie-in-the-sky project from the get-go.

Despite the fact that two features — eye-tracking  [Read More…]

HTC’s next big project is for U, coming Jan 12

HTC asked us to share this with you.

HTC is slated to announce its next big project, something for U, on January 12. While it appears too early to be announcing the successor to the HTC 10, perhaps that’s exactly what it is. More likely, though, is a non-phone announcement.

What do you think it is?

Project Fi vending machine hands out free travel goodies to subscribers

Project Fi subscribers get free travel goodies.

If you’re traveling through San José International Airport, you should stop by the new Project Fi vending machine. The Project Fi Travel Trolley (as it’s called) is located across from gate 25, and is handing out free travel goodies to Fi subscribers, including eye masks, socks, and charging cables.

Traveling through SJC? Check out the new Project Fi Travel Trolley filled with goodies for subscribers. #flywithFi pic.twitter.com/W8O4xvUGyd

—  [Read More…]

Google self-driving car project spun out as standalone company called Waymo

Google is forming a new company for its self-driving car division, which will operate independently inside Alphabet.

While Google’s official blog and Self-Driving Car Project page have yet to be updated, Tech Crunch has the news that Google is spinning out its self-driving car project to a standalone company. The new company is called Waymo, and it will operate on its own under the Alphabet umbrella, rather than as a division of Google. Jon Krafcik is the new company’s  [Read More…]