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Oppo’s Project Spectrum brings a near-stock Android experience to the Find 7 and 7a

Smartphone maker Oppo has released the first beta version of its “near-stock” Android ROM for the Find 7 and 7a, based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Moving from Project Fi back to Google Voice

Moving from Project Fi back to Google Voice should be easy, and it is.

Signing up for Project Fi and diving into the service is as easy as having a Nexus phone and being somewhere with reasonable T-Mobile and Sprint service. There’s a lot to like about Google’s early days as an MVNO carrier, and it’s only going to get better as more people try out the service. As easy as it is to sign up,  [Read More…]

Project Fi isn’t for me yet, but it’s still really good

The best alternative to unlimited data is a smarter network, and Google seems to get that.

I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer for as long as I can remember. My parents had Verizon when I got my first phone, and while I’ve tried to go elsewhere for a cheaper service before I usually find myself back on Verizon shortly after. Recently, Big Red decided I needed to pay an additional $ 50 every month for my  [Read More…]

Now that you have new phone choices, is Project Fi worth considering?

The reasons to not try Project Fi are diminished or gone completely, but there are still a few big restrictions.

When Project Fi first launched, invites were hard to come by and it was restricted to just the original Nexus 6 — both things that made it tough to consider for many people. Now that Google is rolling out invites at a faster clip (even recently opening the service to everyone for one day), and you  [Read More…]

Save 50 percent on a Project Tango Development Kit for a limited time

For a limited time, developers can sign up for a 50 percent savings on the Project Tango Development Kit, dropping it to just $ 256. The codes are limited in quantities, and only available in certain areas, so if you are interested in picking one of these up, you’ll need to act quickly.

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Call forwarding not working on Project Fi? It’s not just you, and there’s a fix

If you’re using Project Fi, this past week you may have noticed incoming calls no longer forwarding to your non-Fi phones as you had previously set up. Don’t worry, you’re not alone — but thankfully this isn’t call forwarding being “down” as much as it’s an unintentional wiping out of your call forwarding settings.

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Google’s Project Zero teams find 11 exploits in Galaxy S6 edge in 1 week

Google’s Project Zero teams set out to find the security differences between stock Android devices and devices made by various OEMs. Modifying stock Android software just adds more potential for security holes, so they took a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and decided to see how many exploits they can find.

After a week, they managed to find 11 different exploits in the device. Contacting Samsung resulted in 8 being patched, with 3 less important ones being saved for a later time. While  [Read More…]

Google’s Project Wing drone delivery service could begin sometime in 2017

Google has been testing its Project Wing drone delivery technology in near-secrecy for some time. Now the leader of that effort, David Vos, claims that they will launch their drone delivery business sometime in 2017

According to the BBC:

“Our goal is to have commercial business up and running in 2017,” said Mr Vos during a speech at an air traffic control convention being held in Washington. No details have been given about what type of  [Read More…]

What is Project Fi, how does it work and why do I want it?

Google’s own carrier offering definitely has some appeal.

Android Central Choice Award

If you’re an Android enthusiast, you’ve likely already heard of Project Fi. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily know everything about it, so we’re here to give you the high-level look at this new carrier option from Google. Namely just what the heck it is, how it works compared to other carriers and maybe a few reasons why you’d  [Read More…]

Google teams up with The New York Times on new virtual reality project

Google and The New York Times have collaborated to launch a new virtual reality project, called NYT VR. This new project will see more than one million Google Cardboard viewers be shipped out to home delivery subscribers with their copy of The New York Times for the weekend of November 7.