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Become a certified Project Manager for just $69!

Project Management happens to be one of the fastest growing fields in several industries right now, and you may be looking to make a switch. But just how does one get started with Project Management and learning the ropes? Well, they take expensive courses that consume a lot of time, right? Wrong.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time and money to begin learning the basics. Meet the Ultimate Project Management Certification bundle which provides you access to  [Read More…]

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro review: Tango should keep the ‘project’ tag for now

Few of Google’s “projects” have been as fascinating to watch take shape like Tango, but now that the first phone with the AR equipment baked in has hit store shelves it’s not entirely clear who should invest in this tech.

The quick take

Tango remains an impressive collection of cool ideas, but the Phab 2 Pro is nowhere near ready to be considered a serious consumer product. Aside from being huge and awkward, Neither Lenovo nor  [Read More…]

Project Tango is a portal to another world

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is the size of a basketball shoe, it has rough software, and it’s going on sale at a hardware store. That’s a strange mixed bag for Lenovo’s first US smartphone offering, but still in all, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

That’s because the Phab 2 Pro is more than just a weirdo phablet: it’s the first commercially-available smartphone with Tango, Google’s augmented reality platform. In the couple days I’ve had with the  [Read More…]

Ace the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam with this certification prep course, now just $49.99

Whether you are looking to start a new career or just advance the one you are in currently, you’ll need some certifications under your belt to make you stand out above the others. Unfortunately, getting certifications can be a time consuming and expensive process. You need time to study, money to pay for the courses, and then you just have to hope that you can keep up with that and your regular job. Well, it doesn’t have to be that  [Read More…]

Images of Project Ara developer phone shows us what could have been

Once upon a time Google had Project Ara in the works. Project Ara was an initiative meant to bring modular phones to the market, but the project proved too costly and too ambitious so Google dropped it. But if like us, you have been left wondering what could have been, then you’ll be glad to

First Project Tango smartphone, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro expected on November 1

Are you looking for an innovative smartphone that offers something more than the current slew of Android handsets? Then you should be looking at Google and Lenovo. Google has been involved in a bunch of interesting projects over the years like Project Ara or Project Tango. The latter represents Google’s initiative to get mobile phones

Project Fi introduces $15 Group Plans

Google has added group plans to it’s popular Project Fi wireless provider service. This means that you can easily add a line to your existing plan for a flat monthly rate, and no change in other pricing otherwise. Project Fi only charges you for the data you use, at $ 10 per GB per month on

Project Fi APK reveals imminent hints of group plans

A teardown of Google’s latest Project Fi .apk reveals that we may see group sharing coming to the network in the near future. The teardown revealed specific bits of code that all but confirm the presence of several new features that would enable group management. The highlight of what we saw is the “Administrator” abilities, which allows

Sayonara Project Ara: Google reportedly shelves modular phones

Google has hung up on the notion of modular smartphones, at least for now. Indeed, Project Ara has been halted, according to sources cited by Reuters. Project Ara, which has been kicking around for a few years now, was a concept which would allow for users to purchase modules for their phone based on needs or