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Wireless made affordable and easy with Google’s Project Fi (open invite system)

  Why choose Project Fi? One simple plan that can be monitored and managed all from within the Project Fi app. High-quality coverage by accessing both T-Mobile and Sprint networks ensuring massive national coverage. Exceptional coverage Project Fi uses new, intelligent technology to get you the fastest network and highest-quality connection at your location, whether

Project Fi app’s new widget will let you track your data usage at a glance

If you’re a subscriber to Google’s Project Fi, you’ll now be able to track your data usage via a handy widget. As detailed in a list of changes posted by a verified Googler over on Reddit, the latest Project Fi app update includes a new widget for your home screen that will allow you to easily track how much data you’re using at a glance.

Aside from the new widget, the update also includes  [Read More…]

U.S. Supreme Court won’t take up legal challenge to Google’s book-scanning project

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to take on a legal challenge to Google’s book-scanning project by a group of authors. That means a previous ruling by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Google’s favor will stand.

Google first began scanning millions of books in 2004 so that users can search their text for words and phrases. In 2005, a group of writers, along with the Authors Guild filed a lawsuit against Google, stating  [Read More…]

Microsoft’s new Skype bot Project Murphy can merge two things into one

Microsoft launched support for text chat bots in Skype earlier this week and now a new bot made by the company is showing off what these AI creations can do. “Project Murphy” adds a new bot to your Skype contacts and then you can ask it “What if…” questions. The end result is a merging of two images that attempts to answer that question.

Microsoft says that “Project Murphy” was a result of  [Read More…]

How to sign up for Google’s Project Fi cellular service

It looks like Google is finally ready to move from the beta stage into full rollout with its own cellular service in Project Fi. They did away with the invite

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Limited time offer: $199 Nexus 5X with Project Fi activation

Starting today, Android customers can now sign up for Google’s Project Fi without an invite. As a way to promote the service, Google is offering the Nexus 5X for $ 199

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Microsoft officially cancels ‘Project Astoria’ plans for porting Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile

After months of silence, Microsoft has now officially revealed it has canceled plans to offer developers bridge tools to port Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile, also known as “Project Astoria”. Those plans were first revealed at the 2015 Build developer conference.

Microsoft announced Project Astoria alongside “Project Islandwood”, which offered iOS app developers a way to port their creations to Windows 10 Mobile. Today, Microsoft stated:

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Taking a museum tour with Project Tango

Lenovo and Project Tango are teaming up for the future of Google’s location-aware service — think devices that know where they are in an indoor space and can do things like measure distance, serve as alternative-reality (AR) viewers, and also guide you through said space. And while Lenovo’s Tango phones aren’t quite ready for us to play with just yet, the company gave us another look at exactly what Tango can do.

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Project Fi app now lets you record and manage voicemail greetings with a tap

The Project Fi app has received a small, but nonetheless useful update, bringing the ability for users to easily record and manage multiple voicemail greetings right from the app. Of course, there are some bug fixes coming along for the ride as well. Here’s the full skinny on what’s new:

Record, manage, and switch between multiple voicemail greetings directly from the app Bug fixes and performance improvements

With the changes, you’ll be able to use a new  [Read More…]