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HTC’s next big project is for U, coming Jan 12

HTC asked us to share this with you.

HTC is slated to announce its next big project, something for U, on January 12. While it appears too early to be announcing the successor to the HTC 10, perhaps that’s exactly what it is. More likely, though, is a non-phone announcement.

What do you think it is?

Project Fi vending machine hands out free travel goodies to subscribers

Project Fi subscribers get free travel goodies.

If you’re traveling through San José International Airport, you should stop by the new Project Fi vending machine. The Project Fi Travel Trolley (as it’s called) is located across from gate 25, and is handing out free travel goodies to Fi subscribers, including eye masks, socks, and charging cables.

Traveling through SJC? Check out the new Project Fi Travel Trolley filled with goodies for subscribers. #flywithFi pic.twitter.com/W8O4xvUGyd

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Google self-driving car project spun out as standalone company called Waymo

Google is forming a new company for its self-driving car division, which will operate independently inside Alphabet.

While Google’s official blog and Self-Driving Car Project page have yet to be updated, Tech Crunch has the news that Google is spinning out its self-driving car project to a standalone company. The new company is called Waymo, and it will operate on its own under the Alphabet umbrella, rather than as a division of Google. Jon Krafcik is the new company’s  [Read More…]

Google’s new Project Fi referral program awards $20 credit for each new subscriber

Are you a Project Fi subscriber who knows someone who is using a Nexus or a Pixel phone? Then why not recommend they join Project Fi, as well? Google is going to make it worth for you. The search giant has just introduced a new referral program for Project Fi, which aims to bring more

Project Fi referral system offers you (and them) $20 for signing up

Pick up a nice little bill credit for referring friends to join Project Fi.

Google likes to give you little tips about your account when you open up the Project Fi app, and now you’re going to start seeing a reminder to “refer a friend.” It’s really simple: just tap “refer a friend” in the app, and you’ll see a unique code. When someone signs up using that code, both you and the person you referred get $ 20  [Read More…]

Google reminds users Android Wear is fun with the Magic Minute Project

Android Wear was released by Google in 2014, as a platform meant to foster the development of wearables. Two years later we’re still waiting for smartwatches and fitness trackers to really take off. Sure the Moto 360 managed to spike some interest, but it’s been a while since Motorola released anything new and exciting. By

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Lenovo Phab 2 Pro review: Tango should keep the ‘project’ tag for now

Few of Google’s “projects” have been as fascinating to watch take shape like Tango, but now that the first phone with the AR equipment baked in has hit store shelves it’s not entirely clear who should invest in this tech.

The quick take

Tango remains an impressive collection of cool ideas, but the Phab 2 Pro is nowhere near ready to be considered a serious consumer product. Aside from being huge and awkward, Neither Lenovo nor  [Read More…]

Project Tango is a portal to another world

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is the size of a basketball shoe, it has rough software, and it’s going on sale at a hardware store. That’s a strange mixed bag for Lenovo’s first US smartphone offering, but still in all, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

That’s because the Phab 2 Pro is more than just a weirdo phablet: it’s the first commercially-available smartphone with Tango, Google’s augmented reality platform. In the couple days I’ve had with the  [Read More…]

Ace the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam with this certification prep course, now just $49.99

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