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A Nexus 5X from Project Fi is the best $199 Android phone you can get

Sometimes it’s better to find the right deal than go straight to a “cheap” phone.

A few weeks ago, my mother’s scratched, cracked and generally destroyed Moto X 2014 finally gave up the ghost — the screen turned off, and it wasn’t coming back on again. Being that she bought it at a discount already, it wasn’t worth paying upwards of $ 150 to have the screen replaced. Instead, she sent me looking for the best  [Read More…]

International data overseas: How AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Project Fi compare

Oh, you’ll have to pay extra for roaming data outside the U.S — the question is how much.​

The editors here at Android Central tend to travel a lot for this job, and that isn’t limited to staying in our home country. And when we travel, we need to have our phones with us and connected to data — that’s kind of what we do. We’re no strangers to dealing with roaming internationally, and thankfully for  [Read More…]

Project Fi gets crazy fast roaming speeds while the Nexus 6P gets a massive discount

Traveling abroad as an American comes with a choice: hop from hotspot to hotspot and hope you can get decent enough speeds to actually use your phone, buy a sim card in the country you’re traveling to and use the local network, or incur massive overages (unless you’re on T-Mobile). Well, Project Fi is making

Check to see if you’re covered by the Project Fi network

Networks, when you think about it, come down to one thing: coverage.

If you’re not covered where you live, work and travel … well, nothing else matters. But in partnering with three U.S. carriers — Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular — Google’s Project Fi definitely has an interesting advantage. (And remember you also have calling available over Wi-Fi when you need it.)

But the question stands: Will you have Project Fi coverage where you live? And, of course, there’s a  [Read More…]

What is Project Fi, how does it work and why do I want it?

Google’s own carrier offering definitely has some appeal.

Android Central Choice Award

If you’re an Android enthusiast, you’ve likely already heard of Project Fi. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily know everything about it, so we’re here to give you the high-level look at the carrier option that comes directly from Google. Namely, just what the heck it is, how it works compared to other carriers and maybe a  [Read More…]

It’s unanimous: Users are in love with Google’s Project Fi cellular service

Back in January I reviewed Google’s new cellular service called Project Fi. I happened to fall in love with Google’s own cellular service for its great pricing, excellent coverage, fast responding customer service(based in the US), and simplicity. While I gave my opinion on it, there are so many variables that come into play when

U.S. Cellular support now officially available in Project Fi

U.S. Cellular support is now officially available for Project Fi customers. You’ll need to update the Fi app to ensure that everything is working properly on your end with connecting to the new network. With this addition, Fi customers will now have three different networks to bounce between to ensure they always are using the best network in the area they are in.

T-Mobile and Sprint were the original partners with Google on Project Fi, and  [Read More…]

Project Bloks is Google’s platform for helping kids learn to code while they play

Google has announced Project Bloks, a new platform for building physical coding experiences for kids. As a platform, Project Bloks is meant to help kids learn to code by making the experience physical, allowing them to learn to think about how to solve computational problems while they play.

Project Bloks is also meant to help lower the barriers for researchers, developers and designers looking to create this hands-on experiences. From Google:

However, designing kits for tangible programming is challenging—requiring  [Read More…]

Google has changed the name of Project Tango to . . . Tango

During Lenovo’s press conference today, Google announced that their Project Tango division, which is making 3D sensing smartphone technology, is now just called Tango.

Project Tango began three years ago at Google as a small research and development team, but as explained during the press conference, that team has grown much larger as it has helped to create the technology inside the just announced Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro smartphone. Google felt that having “Project” in the  [Read More…]

Lenovo unveils world’s first Project Tango smartphone

Today at the 2016 TechConnect world conference in San Francisco, Lenovo announced the world’s first smartphone powered by Project Tango. Called the Phab 2 Pro, this is an attractive device. It’s one of three smartphones that Lenovo is releasing, and it puts the “phab” in phablet. Measuring in at 6.4 inches, it has a massive