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Chrome OS is finally getting a proper video editor with Adobe Project Rush

You’ll also be able to run it on flagship Android phones.

Even though Chrome OS’s app situation has gotten considerably better over the years, there’s one thing that often keeps a lot of people at bay — the lack of a real video editor. Thanks to a recent announcement from Adobe, however, that’s going to change very soon.

During this year’s VidCon, Adobe unveiled Project Rush. Project Rush is a new video editing platform that combines features from  [Read More…]

Motorola corrects error, brings Moto Z2 Force to proper $720 price on its own website

This makes sense.

Update: Motorola has clarified the situation in a statement to Android Central, indicating that the original $ 799 price was an error and the original plan was to price the phone at $ 720 from the start. Carrier pricing, as always, remains up to the carrier’s discretion.

When the Moto Z2 Force was announced, people were understandably frustrated with its price, which came in somewhere between $ 750 and $ 810, depending where you bought  [Read More…]

OnePlus confirms Nougat update uses proper kernel, will remove debug tools that caused confusion

After some confusion, OnePlus says there’s nothing to worry about in its kernel.

A few tidbits of information swirled yesterday about the Nougat update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T in regards to what kernel it was using. Looking at logs, some users had found messages indicating that the OxygenOS 4.0.1 build was using a debug kernel in what would otherwise be completely release-level software. With a debug kernel, unknowing consumers would be vulnerable to various attacks, as there  [Read More…]

With Google Home and Google Wifi, we’re finally getting a proper smart home foundation

Google Home and Google Wifi aren’t going to be able to fix the Internet of Things. But they will try to make it smarter and point it in the right direction.

The Internet of Things — many of us have a less-kind name for it — wasn’t going to be fixed in a day. It wasn’t going to be fixed in the blazing sun in Mountain View in May, when Google first announced its plans for Google Assistant  [Read More…]

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission working with Samsung for proper Note 7 recall

We’re one step closer to quickly getting all of these Note 7s replaced.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced it’s working with Samsung for a complete and proper recall of the Note 7 in the U.S. Currently, Samsung’s Note 7 recall isn’t an official “recall” in the U.S. in terms of how the government is involved — it’s technically a voluntary replacement program, even though you should absolutely swap out your Note 7 for  [Read More…]

Google Play Music adds proper podcast section for Android Auto

Android Auto

One missing ingredient for podcasts in Google Play Music has been when you get in your car and fire up Android Auto. A recent update has changed that.

You’ll now find a “Podcasts” section at the bottom of the top level of menu items. Tap it and you’ll see the shows you’re subscribed to, in order of what was most recently updated. Top a show to start playing the most recent episode. And  [Read More…]

Carphone Warehouse offers a proper hands-on with the BlackBerry Priv

In the last few weeks, since the BlackBerry CEO confirmed and (awkwardly) showed off the new BlackBerry Priv, folks have been wondering what will be under the hood. Luckily, the folks over at Carphone Warehouse were able to get their hands on one, and have released a hands-on video of BlackBerry’s first Android device.

In addition to properly showing of the capabilities of the Priv, the folks at Carphone Warehouse have given everyone a full spec sheet.

4-inch QHD (2560×1440)  [Read More…]

Proper Google Maps app appears on Android Wear via latest phone app update

With the latest update to Google Maps on your phone, Android Wear gains some mapping functionality.

After updating to Google Maps version 9.9 on your phone — which brings a neat new transparent status bar and some navigation features — you may notice that there’s an actual Google Maps app on your connected Android Wear watch as well. The launcher icon for Maps showed up on our LG Watch Urbane (which of course has the latest  [Read More…]

Hangouts Chrome app update brings proper desktop notifications, new phone tab

google hangouts

For those that like to use the Hangouts Chrome app will be happy to know that a nice update came to it today. Now it includes a phone tab to allow calling from the desktop. You can start an SMS thread directly from the app if you have Google Voice. And now it has proper desktop notifications.

It seems as though the Hangouts team  [Read More…]

Lollipop brings proper multi-user accounts to your phone

We’ve had multi-user accounts on our Android tablets for some time now, but it required a bit of hackery to make it work with your Android phone. Too much hackery for something that should be standard on any phone in our opinion. The good news is that with Lollipop, this has been addressed and proper multiple user accounts and guest accounts are supported in “stock” Android.

If you’ve used these features on a tablet, the process  [Read More…]