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Verizon gives you a second chance to enroll in its Total Mobile Protection insurance program

Bought a smartphone from Verizon, but you didn’t get insurance? Not to worry, the carrier is giving you a second chance to enroll with its Total Mobile Protection insurance.

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Project Fi just launched a highly competitive $80 unlimited plan called ‘Bill Protection’

One less caveat to deal with on Google’s carrier.

Project Fi has always been a great solution for those who use less than about 4GB of data per month, but now Google’s giving the nod to people who want more. A new feature called “Bill Protection” effectively gives Project Fi users an unlimited data option, taking on the big carrier competition that has swung back to heavily promoting unlimited data plans.

So here’s how it works. From  [Read More…]

Project Fi ‘Bill Protection’ gives heavy data users a break on price

Google on Wednesday announced that it has shaken up its Google Fi rate plans. Dubbed “Bill Protection”, it gives heavy data users a break on their monthly bills. Previously, Google Fi would charge customers a flat $ 20 per month for unlimited talk and messaging. Data, for its part, is billed at $ 10 per gigabyte (GB) […]

Verizon raising monthly fees, lowering deductibles and adding new benefits for Total Mobile Protection plan

There are a few changes coming to Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection that you need to know about.

For a lot of us, phone insurance of one sort or another is a must-have. If your phone gets stolen or lost, or even if you bust the screen (and you will) getting a replacement at a fraction of the cost is easier on the pockets than just buying another phone or parts outright, and hey, who doesn’t like easier, right?

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Get the ultimate VPN protection for 3 years with Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN is a service we’ve offered to our readers before that featured a two-year subscription to the virtual private network service. As with any internet protection, two years is never enough. There are a number of lifetime offerings out there, but if you’re someone who just needs three years before deciding what […]

RhinoShield Galaxy S8 CrashGuard Bumper Review: Sleek S8 protection

Surprisingly rugged for a bumper case.

I’ll be entirely honest from the outset : I did not think I would feel comfortable using the RhinoShield CrashGuard with my Galaxy S8. I’m a habitual phone dropper, so the idea of leaving that gorgeous glass of my phone exposed felt like a dangerous opportunity for the worst case scenario to occur.

And yet, after spending about a month using the Galaxy S8 with just the RhinoShield for protection, I  [Read More…]

T-Mobile has a new Premium Device Protection Plan for $15/month

T-Mobile has a new protection plan for customers looking to secure their phones and tablets against things like accidental damage or theft. The new device insurance tier is called Premium Device Protection Plus and is available for $ 15 a month. For this amount of money subscribers will get the usual protection package which includes loss, […]

T-Mobile gets into the insurance game with Premium Device Protection Plus

“That’s a real nice phone you got there. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it.”

Let’s face it: it’s a dangerous world out there for a nerd and their Android phone. Our lives are on these pocketable computers and they’re up against a big bad world of malware, phishing, identity theft, device theft, bugs, breakdowns, and screen-shattering drops. If you feel the need for some more security for your phone — and your peace of mind —  [Read More…]

Gmail for Android now features better phishing protection

Based on Google’s Safe Browsing technology, the new ability will help immediately identify nasty links.

The popular word for the week appears to be phishing; first with the Google Docs snafu, and then with an update to the Gmail app that helps prevent phishing from happening in the first place.

The new phishing protection relies on the same technology that powers Google’s Safe Browsing, which is utilized in apps like Google Chrome  [Read More…]

Caseable: Device Protection with style [Review]

I don’t know about you, but I never take my phone anywhere without some sort of case. I once had no case for 3 days after purchasing my Galaxy S7 and in those 3 days, you guessed it, I broke the screen. Cases not only allow us to protect the financial investment we put into our