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Gmail for Android now features better phishing protection

Based on Google’s Safe Browsing technology, the new ability will help immediately identify nasty links.

The popular word for the week appears to be phishing; first with the Google Docs snafu, and then with an update to the Gmail app that helps prevent phishing from happening in the first place.

The new phishing protection relies on the same technology that powers Google’s Safe Browsing, which is utilized in apps like Google Chrome  [Read More…]

Caseable: Device Protection with style [Review]

I don’t know about you, but I never take my phone anywhere without some sort of case. I once had no case for 3 days after purchasing my Galaxy S7 and in those 3 days, you guessed it, I broke the screen. Cases not only allow us to protect the financial investment we put into our

Swappa now offers protection plans so you’re never without a phone!

You can now protect your Swappa purchases!

When you buy a phone new, there’s usually an option to protect your investment should you accidentally leave it on the hood of your car and drive off holding a taco in your hand instead of listening for notifications. You pay a little extra for that peace of mind and hope you never need it, but accidents happen.

When you buy a phone secondhand, there are usually fewer options  [Read More…]

Add a thin layer of protection to your Galaxy S7 for just $3.95 today!

Not wanting to make your Galaxy S7 big and bulky but also want to keep it protected? If so, check out Amzer’s Pudding TPU case which will add a thin layer of protection to the phone. It prevents dents and dings, and adds a bit of grip. Right now you can pick one up for just $ 3.95.

AT&T to offer new screen protection program

Starting on November 15, 2016 AT&T will be launching a new protection program in select markets. This new protection program works hand-in-hand with AT&T’s current insurance program but focuses on same-day screen repair. The screen repair service will cost $ 89 (applied as a deductible with existing insurance) and will initially only cover certain Samsung and

Should you get Device Protection insurance for your Pixel?

Should you buy Pixel Protect with your new Google phone? For an extra $ 100, you’re paying for peace of mind.

You might not think you need that device protection add-on for your shiny new device, but with Google’s new Pixel smartphones, you might consider springing for it in the case of an emergency.

Google’s new device insurance program is simply called Device Protection for your Pixel. For a flat fee or $ 99 ($  [Read More…]

Google adding spam protection in Phone app + how it works

Spam callers are annoying, but what may be more annoying is not being able to do something about it. Probably long overdue, Google will now let you take back those moments phone spammers have taken from you. That is, if you use Google’s Phone app. This primarily pertains to Nexus users, as third-party UI’s typically include their own

Google brings spam call protection to some Nexus and Android One phones

Google is rolling out an update for the Android phone app that will warn you about spam callers. The update, currently for Nexus or Android One phones on Marshmallow, lets you block and report these numbers.

From Nexus on Google+:

Today, we’re beginning to update your Google Phone app with spam protection on #Nexus and #AndroidOne devices to warn you about potential spam callers and give you the ability to block and report these numbers. If  [Read More…]

BodyGuardz launches screen protection and cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Chances are you’ve heard of BodyGuardz as a company who has been around for a long time with products that aim to protect your mobile devices. BodyGuardz’s most recent launch is for the AT&T exclusive Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. You’re probably wondering why a company would release protective gear for a device made to withstand

Save $13 on this HTC 10 case that adds protection and a kickstand

Looking for a case to keep your new HTC 10 protected? If so, Seidio’s Surface case may be what you are looking for as it provides solid protection and without a ton of bulk on the phone. Right now, you can save $ 13 on the purchase, making it just $ 16.95.