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Urban Armor Gear smartphone case review; military grade protection for the rugged adventurer.

Militaristic Design


One of the first things we noticed about the Urban Armor Gear were the rugged design elements. From faux screws, honeycomb patterns, to the indentations on the back, everything about the Urban Armor Case screamed resilience. The case also does so while maintaining a relative low profile, at least where weight and bulk is concerned. Many people shy away from using cases for the sole reason that  [Read More…]

HTC UH OH Protection: 1 year free replacement for cracked screen or water damage


It happens. You drop your phone. It gets wet. Life gets in the way. And, sadly, for a lot of us, this sort of thing happens within the first year of owning a smartphone. HTC, recognizing this, and seeing an opportunity, has introduced a terrific new program to address this situation.

Called UH OH Protection, it’s a service plan that  [Read More…]

HTC ‘Uh-oh’ is official: Free 12 months of accidental damage protection for U.S. M9 buyers

HTC expands upon ‘Advantage’ in the U.S. with a new, free service for M9 owners covering screen and water damage, as well as carrier switching — or get $ 100 off the next HTC One.

We brought you the first details of HTC’s upcoming “Uh-oh” service yesterday, and now it’s official. HTC USA will expand its “Advantage” program to cover new HTC One M9 devices for a full year after purchase.

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This Galaxy Note 3 case packs 2 layers of durable protection and is only $9.95

With this Note 3 hybrid case you get serious protection against drops and scratches and a built-in kickstand that can be used for watching movies! The inner-most layer is made of a shock absorbing silicone that sits underneath a thick plastic exterior. Get yours today and save 50%

BillGuard adds ID theft protection to credit card monitoring service

Experian and BillGuard have announced today that they are teaming up to combat identity theft and prevent credit card fraud. At Money2020 in Las Vegas, the companies unveiled a comprehensive identity protection suite that combines BillGuard’s card fraud monitoring application with Experian’s “ProtectMyID.”

What you need to know about phone cases and drop protection [WARNING: Science content]

There are a lot of different case options out there: thick ones, thin ones, squishy ones, hard ones, colorful ones and clear ones. Nick Sarafolean just wrote a great piece on how you can use a case with your phone to make it more unique. But cases can do even more. A lot of us use cases for protection, and there are many of us out there that have a tendency to drop our phones sometimes. That can get expensive.

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Logitech releases new protection+ case to keep your Galaxy S5 safe from harm

There’s certainly no shortage of cases when it comes to the iPhone, but that hasn’t prevented Logitech from tapping into the market yet again with a new line of extra-rugged smartphone cases that are said to protect said devices from knocks and drops. Setting the mobile device owner back $ 34.99, the protection+ case is compatible with both the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5, utilizing its hardened polycarbonate shell and impact-resistant polymers on the corners.

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