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Frag in style with 90fps and 10-bit HDR coming to PUBG Mobile

The features may only be available on the latest Snapdragon chips, though.

What you need to know PUBG Corp. has partnered with Qualcomm to push the envelope for mobile gaming. PUBG Mobile will soon have support for 90Hz gaming, with Qualcomm working on enabling even higher frame rates for other games. The title will also feature 10-bit HDR so that your game is not only smoother but also looks better.

Fortnite may be the king of the  [Read More…]

Here’s what Tencent is doing to stay ahead of PUBG hackers

Tencent Games is beefing up its cheating detection systems to make PUBG free of cheaters.

What you need to know Tencent has announced multiple initiatives to make gameplay more fair for PUBG Mobile players. The game publisher is improving its system so it can identify and remove cheaters more quickly. Some of the improvements are already incorporated in the latest PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update.

Tencent Games announced earlier this month that it has started imposing a 10-year  [Read More…]

The latest PUBG Mobile update aims to get you into the halloween spirit

Get into the Halloween spirit with PUBG Mobile’s updated Zombie mode that introduces killer clowns!

What you need to know Version 0.15.0 update introduces “Halloweeks” theme, Zombie mode 2.0, and an explosive new Payload Mode that features explosive weapons and helicopters. Introduces the Desert Eagle pistol and BRDM-2 armored vehicle available across all maps and offers firearm tweaks and general performance improvements Other gameplay upgrades include giving the players the ability to jump and grab onto ledges  [Read More…]

Join the Defenders or the Infected in the new PUBG Mobile Infection mode

Survive until dawn or infect the humans in PUBG Mobile’s new mode

What you need to know Update 0.14.0 has arrived for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile). The free update adds an Infection mode, pitting Defenders with guns against the melee-only hordes of Infected. This update also continues the nautical theme that was started with Season 8.

The 0.14.0 content update is here for PUBG Mobile, and this update brings something a little  [Read More…]

PUBG Mobile is hitting the waters with Royale Pass Season 8

What you need to know A new update has been released for PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile). This 0.13.5 content update includes some new content like the PP-19 Submachine Gun. This update also coincides with the release of Royale Pass Season 8, which brings a new ocean-based theme.

Avid players of PUBG Mobile, rejoice! There’s a new update out alongside the release of the Royale Pass Season 8. This update, titled update 0.13.5, includes  [Read More…]

Best PUBG Mobile drop locations and survival tips for Erangel

PUBG Mobile is the massively popular 100-player Battle Royale shooter with more than 10 million daily active users. That means you’re always able to jump into a match at any time of day. With such a ridiculous number of people in the game and every match playing out in a unique fashion, to actually win on a consistent basis will require the knowledge, experience, and map strategy to set yourself up for a victory. Erangel is the OG  [Read More…]

How to set up advanced touchscreen controls on PUBG Mobile

Despite not offering official support for Bluetooth controllers, PUBG Mobile makes the best use of touchscreen controls that you will ever see on a smartphone. The game lets you customize the placement and size of every action buttons on the screen along with the maps and other HUD elements, letting you find the perfect layout to fit your device dimensions and hands.

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How to customize your PUBG Mobile character without in-app purchases

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play game where you only ever need to spend real money on the game if you’re interested in participating in the Elite Royal Pass challenges or want to open crates for chances to get that rare cosmetic upgrade you really want — or spend even more just to buy it outright.

Farming the free items

For thrifty PUBG Mobile players, you’re going to need to grind through your daily challenges to collect as much  [Read More…]

PUBG finally lands on PS4 December 7

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

After a long stretch of time as an Xbox One console exclusive, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — shortened to PUBG in most texts — is headed to PlayStation 4, Sony has announced. The game will launch December 7, 2018 on the platform.

While PUBG wasn’t the first game in the growing Battle Royale genre, it was the first to make a sizable splash in the gaming world. It enjoyed unmatched success on PC and quickly became  [Read More…]

These are the best phones for playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a graphics-intensive game that demands a powerful phone, and the Razer Phone 2 is your best option.

Our Pick Razer Phone 2

$ 799 at Amazon

The gaming phone refined.

For this second iteration, Razer kept everything that made the Razer Phone such a great gaming phone — the latest Snapdragon chipset, 8GB of RAM, and that buttery-smooth 120hz display — and then doubled down on the other important stuff that  [Read More…]