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Google pulling Android Messages update is a breach of trust

Google recently pushed an update out that brought its new Material Theme and dark UI to Android Messages. Users were happy to see this new version of the app hit their phones. Unfortunately, the excitement was short lived. Less than 48 hours after the update, Google pulled the new UI back with no explanation via a server-side regression.

Downgrading a new version of an app isn’t uncommon. Developers find small bugs after the fact all the time and recommend users  [Read More…]

Sprint reportedly pulling the plug on its switch and save 50% promo soon

Back in 2014, US carrier Sprint introduced a “ground-breaking” promotion which awarded customers switching from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile the same amount of data, talk and text at half a price. Sprint continued the offer it sporadically throughout 2015, 2016 and then 2017, but according to a recent report it seems the carrier will be […]

HTC admits to pulling a Samsung, optimizing HTC One (M8) for benchmarks

About a year ago, Samsung was hit with some serious controversy over a trivial addition to the software on its flagship device, the Galaxy S4. It wasn’t some spyware or large bloat, but optimization code for benchmarks. Basically, when a benchmark is run, the software will push the hardware to its limits for the duration of the benchmark, instead of using the regular software that balances performance and battery life. This resulted in significantly higher benchmark numbers.

As you  [Read More…]

Adobe to bring Flash Player for Ice Cream Sandwich before pulling the plug


Adobe Flash Player has been every Android fan’s pride since its release. We love being able to see the web as it is meant to be – with Flash. There has been conflicting opinions since Adobe announced the end of Flash for Android a couple of weeks ago. Some think that it is a great move, since HTML 5 and Adobe Air make up the future of mobile browsing, while others are  [Read More…]