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Save on digital purchases with a $50 Google Play gift card for $45

This one doesn’t come around too often, so don’t miss out.

Amazon is offering $ 5 off Google Play gift cards of $ 50 or more when you enter promo code GOOGLE at checkout. This digital gift card will be emailed to you quickly after purchase.

The promo code is limited to 1 use per customer, but if you want to save more on your Google Play purchases, head over to Walmart where you can grab 10% off digital  [Read More…]

Loot boxes and in-app purchases: A necessary evil or the scourge of the gaming world?

It’s time we talk about micro-transactions in video games.

You may have read about the controversy surrounding loot boxes and micro-transactions in full-priced video games. The topic has been a point of frustration for many of us, but it’s been getting a lot of attention over the past few weeks, largely due to EA’s recent attempts at implementing those mechanics in “Star Wars Battlefront 2.” If you need a refresher, our friends over at Windows Central have  [Read More…]

Kick off your weekend with $1 movie rentals and $5 purchases at Amazon

Team Thrifter is back again, this time with some great deals on Amazon movie rentals and purchases ahead of Prime Day!

Before you know it, we will be in the midst of the Prime Day madness, but before that, we should all take some time this weekend to sit back, relax, and watch a movie. Amazon’s latest offer brings $ 0.99 rentals and $ 4.99 purchases to Prime members. The deal, as you’d expect, doesn’t cover the company’s entire  [Read More…]

Google finally matching in-store purchases to online activity, vastly raising value of ads

Keeping track of in-store purchases is the final step of measuring effectiveness of online ads.

Google is finally figuring out how to close the most precious link in the loop of online advertising: knowing when someone makes an in-store purchase in response to an online ad. Google has announced that it will begin using data from billions of credit and debit card transactions, matching the data to its anonymized profiles of Google users to whom it serves ads online.

  [Read More…]

Google purchases VR company Owlchemy Labs

Owlchemy Labs is a 23-person team working on VR games for the last six years. The company got into VR early and has had a few big hits like Job Simulator (you might have seen all of YouTube playing it at one point) and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality.

This success has resulted in an acquisition by Google, which allows the company to further their VR endeavors. With projectors like Cardboard and Daydream, Google is invested in mobile VR.

We  [Read More…]

Amazon will refund $70 million in accidental in-app purchases

A great reminder of why most app stores now require a passcode.

Amazon has effectively rescinded its appeal this week against the 2016 federal court decision which found the online retailer guilty of illegally billing users for unauthorized in-app purchases. Amazon had been ordered to provide refunds to those who had been affected.

In 2016, a US federal judge ruled that Amazon had failed to properly inform users before charging for in-app purchases, which are frequently found  [Read More…]

Fitbit purchases Vector, the Pebble competitor

Fitbit moves to compete with Android Wear in 2017.

Fitbit has acquired yet another smartwatch maker, this time a small Romanian outfit, Vector, made up of former Citizen employees.

The move comes barely a month after Fitbit’s acquisition of Pebble, a more well-known smartwatch builder in North America, yet Pebble and Vector share many similarities.

Vector built a series of round smartwatches that used e-paper displays to extend battery life to 30 days in some cases, in  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay adds online and in-app purchases, expands to new countries

A year after launching, Samsung Pay makes a big expansion to new countries and platforms.

After growing its base of compatible banks and credit unions to over 500, Samsung is now targeting an expansion of Samsung Pay starting with the addition of Malaysia, Russia and Thailand — bringing the service to 10 countries in total. Further, Samsung has inked a deal with Mastercard to integrate Samsung Pay with its Masterpass online payment service.

This new  [Read More…]

Android Pay’s biggest expansion yet adds Chase, kicks off mobile web purchases

Google is determined to not let Android Pay whither on the vine.

Confident in keeping its expansion going, Google has announced several important updates to the Android Pay experience this week. At the root of it all is adding more banks, with Chase now on board in the U.S. for its most popular cards (Freedom, Slate, Sapphire, etc.), and both Santander and TSB coming on board in the UK. Dozens of banks are now supported, from  [Read More…]

Samsung to offer free Gear Fit 2 or 256GB microSD with Galaxy Note 7 purchases

Samsung has announced that it will be offering a free Gear Fit 2 or 256GB microSD card with Galaxy Note 7 purchases for a limited time. In addition, the company will also offer $ 20 in rewards when using Samsung Pay for a qualifying purchase. These promotions are nothing new for Samsung, the company has been offering freebies like the Gear VR with most of its recent phone announcements.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 begin  [Read More…]