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The best puzzle games for Merge Cube

There are endless ways to twist and turn the Merge Cube making it great for Puzzles

The Merge Cube is quickly receiving more and more support from the Android developer community as it is a cheap, easy, doorway to the world of AR and there a now a great selection of games available. Don’t let the squishy exterior fool you though, there are plenty of things for kids and adults alike to enjoy in this AR wonderland.

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Jigsaw Story: A good puzzle simulator that works best on bigger screens (review)

In all the game genres available in the Play Store, sometimes you may want to game in a much more chill, passive way. No quick reflexes. No bells, whistles, and music blaring at you. No multi-level story line or myriad of villains and their evil armies to survive. Something like, say a puzzle. A jigsaw […]

Best puzzle games for Android as of January 2018

What are the best brain-busting puzzle games for Android?

The touchscreen controls of a smartphone offer a unique opportunity for puzzle games, and arguably they’re best suited for our pocket devices because they can be easy to pick up and play when you have a few free moments. we’ve collected

Last updated January 20, 2017: Revamped list with additional titles.

Bridge Constructor Portal The Room series Threes! Two Dots Monument Valley Brain It On! GO puzzle  [Read More…]

Bridge Constructor Portal review: A physics-based puzzle game worthy of GLaDOS

Are you prepared for more testing with GLaDOS at the Aperture Laboratories?

I’m typically wary of cross-overs between franchises that I love — especially in the world of gaming, where an older game may get updated with a tie-in from a trendy franchise that’s marketed as a “brand new content”! It’s rare for crossover games to offer anything substantial for fans of either property and cynically seem to exist as a quick cash grab.

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Snoopy Pop is the perfect puzzle game for you and your child (Review)

Overview: If you were a fan of the comic strip Peanuts and enjoyed reading it during your early childhood days, then you must be familiar with Snoopy, the cute little pet beagle of Charlie Brown. Snoopy Pop is an Android puzzle game where the players play as Snoopy to help the birds of Woodstock trapped […]

Kubo: A Samurai Quest is a immersive Match 3 puzzle game with a lovely soundtrack (review)

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed Coraline – the beautiful animation movie with a touching story. Well the team that created this film, LAIKA is also behind a game I recently ended up playing. It’s called Kubo: A Samurai Quest and it’s a Match 3 puzzle game. The game is inspired by […]

Cues is a simple but clever puzzle game (review)

Some mobile games try to create multiple levels of depth in the player’s experience, requiring long tutorials, along with a big investment in experience in order to gain true ability. Others go the other direction, giving you an extremely simple premise while keeping you on your toes throughout the experience. Such is the case with […]

How the classic puzzle game Myst came to Android

Nearly 25 years after its debut on CD-ROM, Myst has come to Android more beautiful and captivating than ever. But can this meditative classic capture a new generation of twitchy gamers?

The last time I spent any time in Cyan Inc.’s Myst, the legendary 3D puzzler that remained the most successful PC game ever until The Sims debuted in 2002, I was barely nine years old, enamored with the prospect of sitting in front of a computer  [Read More…]

CoLab for Gear VR review: It’s puzzle time!

Welcome to CoLab, the world’s first VR reality game show! Well, sort of…

Sometimes you want to sit down and listen to witty banter while working out your brain. If that’s the case, then it’s time to check out the hilarious and brain teasing CoLab. You’ll have to figure out dozens of different puzzles to move from room to room in the hopes of winning the grand prize. The entire time that you’re playing, you’ll be  [Read More…]

Pegs ‘n Holes: Is this puzzle the perfect fit for you? (review)

It’s amazing how a simple game can entertain us so easily. Let’s take Connect Four for example. The company I work for recently had a Connect Four tournament for all the employees. It was hilarious to see full-grown adults getting so hyped over watching two people try to line four circles in a row. I