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Piggy Wiggy is just another physics puzzler (review)

There have been a lot of physics-type mobile games that have gone on to huge success in the market. From Angry Birds, to Cut The Rope, to Chalk Ball…these are houlehold names these days. The best-known ones provide a unique twist, mechanic, or other feature that the masses gravitated to, and millions of downloads later […]

Rangi is an awesome puzzler on Gear VR

Defeat sliding puzzles, warp away from descending spikes and reawaken a world where music has gone missing.

Once the music giants roamed the land, filling the world with music. Unfortunately, time and great evil have stolen them from the land. That’s where you come in. You’ll need to explore ancient ruins, and reconnect portals in order to bring music back to the world. With an African theme intertwined through the game and challenging puzzles there is plenty  [Read More…]

Coffee Pot Terrarium is a challenging, gorgeous puzzler (review)

Overview: Coffee Pot Terrarium is an oddly named, but very well polished puzzle game with beautiful visuals and simple gameplay. Developer: Brothers Flint Cost: $ 2.99 Impressions: Coffee Pot Terrarium certainly doesn’t sound like the name of a turn-based puzzle game, but that’s exactly what it is. The game is very simple and offers a very […]

Kubik is a colorful, easy, and fun 3D puzzler (review)

OK, a show of hands: Who here has never heard of Tetris? Nobody? Thought so. Now, another show of hands: Who here can’t just play a single game of Tetris, but instead quickly become convinced that the turn on it will be the all-time high score. Ah, right again. We are light years beyond Tetris’s

Visually stunning puzzler Pavilion makes debut exclusively on SHIELD TV

Discover the mysterious world of Pavilion on your Nvidia SHIELD Android TV!

Fans of the Nvidia SHIELD will get a rare exclusive look at a brand new indie title, as Pavilion makes its debut exclusively for the Android TV console today, available on the Google Play Store for $ 10.

Pavilion is a beautiful “fourth-person puzzler”, which drops you and the main character into a mysterious world without any text instructions, backstory or really any context  [Read More…]

Trivia Search: A simple puzzler with lots to do (Review)

Overview Trivia Search is a fun, simple puzzle/word search game that will keep you playing for hours. Developer: BigBelly Productions LLC Cost: Free (with ads) Impressions Trivia Search is essentially a combination of a word search puzzle and a trivia game. It has a very simple concept, and it’s easy to lose track of time

Ignatius – a side-scrolling puzzler with a noir twist. [Review]

Overview – Ignatius is, at its heart, a side-scrolling puzzle game. Run around black-and-white levels solving puzzles and collecting film reels to move onto the next stage. Developer: Sons of welder

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Unblock FREE puzzler game review

Unblock free logoPuzzle games have always been a hit with all kinds of people. Sometimes they elate you when you clear a level and other times you just get frustrated thinking of a solution. Puzzler Playzio has developed Unblock FREE to satisfy all your brainstorming cravings.

Unblock FREE is a simple, yet cunningly difficult, puzzle game where you have to clear out the a path for a red block by moving the  [Read More…]

Drop the Star is an Addictive, Colorful Physics Puzzler

Maybe it’s the child in me but I’m a real sucker for splashy games with colorful graphics and simple premise. I love to come across titles that combine easy-to-learn gameplay with vibrant colors, catchy music, and tons of levels. That’s why I was only happy to learn of a new game called Drop the Star. Your goal here is simple: get the star down to the ground  [Read More…]