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Will Oculus Quest ports be the same as Oculus Rift games?

Best answer: Oculus Quest ports can be high quality and immersive, but a discerning eye will tell them apart from games on the Oculus Rift. Most people probably won’t notice, however.

Oculus: Oculus Quest ($ 399) Similar controls

The goal of the Oculus Quest is to deliver Oculus Rift-level graphics through a headset that doesn’t require a phone, PC, or external wires. To do this, Oculus needs the Oculus Quest to match both the Oculus Rift’s controls  [Read More…]

Every game confirmed for Oculus Quest

With the Oculus Rift and Quest sharing so much, you should expect to see a lot of games coming to the Quest

The Oculus Quest is Facebook’s last piece of hardware in their first generation of VR devices. It has six degrees of freedom and Facebook has made it relatively easy for developers to port their Oculus Rift games to the Oculus Quest. Because of this, there are a number of games that have already been announced  [Read More…]

Should you save up for the Oculus Quest or stick with the Go?

When it comes to VR headsets, we’ve used just about every single one, and one of the devices in this head-to-head is the future of VR.

Oculus Quest

Truly immersive

$ 399 at Oculus

Pros Supports six degrees of freedom Has two Touch controllers Supports Oculus Guardian tracking Has arena-scale tracking Doesn’t require a PC Cons Relatively high price tag Not as powerful as some similarly priced headsets

The Oculus Quest is an immersive and  [Read More…]

Dragon Quest 11 for PlayStation 4: Everything you need to know

PlayStation and JRPGs are synonymous, and Dragon Quest 11 is the ultimate one.

Square Enix’s announcement of Dragon Quest 11 delighted many-a JRPG fan. The game’s western debut marks the first time in over a decade that we’ve seen a Dragon Quest title made for a major console.

With that comes a whole new opportunity to get fans of the series back into the game, as well as an original story for newcomers to enjoy. If you  [Read More…]

Pokémon Quest for Android: Everything you need to know

A new Pokémon adventure is coming to Android!

Pokémon Quest is a brand new mobile RPG that was first released for Nintendo Switch on May 29 and will be arriving on Android devices this week.

Set in a world where all your favorite Pokémon from Kanto region (think Pokémon Blue and Red) have turned to cubes on Tumblecube Island. You’re tasked with befriending these Pokémon and exploring the island to discover hidden secrets scattered multiple areas.

Preregister  [Read More…]

Kubo: A Samurai Quest is a immersive Match 3 puzzle game with a lovely soundtrack (review)

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed Coraline – the beautiful animation movie with a touching story. Well the team that created this film, LAIKA is also behind a game I recently ended up playing. It’s called Kubo: A Samurai Quest and it’s a Match 3 puzzle game. The game is inspired by […]

Argus Health & Calorie counter: Anyone want to join me in a quest to get healthier? (review)

As we get older, our responsibilities grow and our bodies slow down. It’s a fact of life that by our mid twenties we stop growing, and with every year we age our hormones and metabolism slow down. Add in job responsibilities, families, pets, and general life, it can be real easy to stop taking care of

Zeus Quest Remastered: A point-and-click adventure from 2008 – and it shows (Review)

Zeus Quest: Anagennisis of Gaia originally launched for PalmOS and Windows Mobile in November of 2008. The cartoony, point-and-click style adventure game in the style of the late-90s adventure games that made the genre popular.  In typical point-and-click style, the goal of the game is to wander around the world map, utilizing a hot-bar of objects on

Shadow Quest: a step above other mobile RPG’s [Review]

Overview – Shadow Quest RPG sets itself apart from other mobile RPG’s by making character positioning relevant. It also has a new take on dungeon crawling that I have not seen employed on mobile devices. Author: Magicindie Price: Free to download (In-App Purchases) Highlights Attacks based on unit position Turn based gameplay On par graphics high power

Hearthstone’s League of Explorers expansion sends you on a quest for treasure

Blizzard has announced a brand new expansion for its popular digital battle card game, Hearthstone. Hearthstone: The League of Explorers adds a number of new elements and cards to the Hearthstone experience, all of which will help you find new relics, explore tombs, and fight evil.