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Find your perfect match-ress. Take the Helix Sleep quiz and save up to $150 off this Labor Day

In a perpetually stimulating world full of smartphones, computer screens, and now VR, people are turning to caffeinated beverages, nootropics, and meditation sessions to recharge their energy reserves.  But there is simply no replacement for a good old fashioned night’s sleep – and a high quality mattress is the foundation to achieve that healthy lifestyle.

That’s the core concept behind Helix Sleep, a rising star and unique player in the mattress startup community. Helix matches each type of sleeper to  [Read More…]

Best Live Quiz / Trivia Games for Android

Play trivia throughout the day and maybe win some real cash!

Have you always thought you’d do great on a trivia game show? Well, in 2018, you can test your trivia skills multiple times in a day playing live trivia for real cash right on your phone.

This trend was started by HQ Trivia, which seemingly blew up overnight and has regularly drawn in a million players ever since launching for Android users in the Google Play Store. Keep  [Read More…]

The Fi Fit Quiz lets you quickly see if Project Fi is right for you

See if it’s economical for you and your family to switch to Project Fi.

Google is making it easier for consumers looking to switch from their current carrier to Project Fi. The Project Fi website now features a Fi Fit Quiz, a tool that lets you figure out if the MVNO is a right fit for you. The tool lets you enter your home pin code to determine if Project Fi is available in your area, and lets you  [Read More…]

Pop Quiz! How much do your monthly subscriptions add up to?

Netflix. Hulu Plus. Sling TV. MLB TV. Tidal. Google Play Music. Amazon Prime. Texture. Wall Street Journal. HBO Now. $ 157.91 a month in subscriptions. Embarrassingly that is my monthly bill for multimedia content that I subscribe to. The worst part of this exercise is that I finally figured out how much I spend every month

Facebook’s new save feature lets you get to that quiz later

Facebook will soon let you save your favorite things from Facebook. Not a local save, mind you, more of a Pocket for Facebook, and only in Facebook. With the save feature a tap or two will let you save a link, place, or bit of linked media (movie, TV show, or music) for later reference. Those hilarious (or incriminating) status updates and photos? You still can’t save those — you’ll still have to resort to a  [Read More…]