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Save money on watering your lawn with Rachio’s $136 smart controller

Stop wasting water and money.

Amazon has the 8-zone Rachio smart sprinkler controller on sale for $ 135.99 right now. Recently, it’s been selling for around $ 180 at Amazon, but normally sells for closer to $ 200 elsewhere. This Rachio controller can replace your old, basic one in just a few minutes and provide smarter controls for up to eight different sprinkler zones. If you need control of more zones, you can opt for the 16-zone  [Read More…]

Rachio’s second-gen smart sprinkler controller is still a must-have for homeowners

If you have a lawn, you’ll need to water it. And the Rachio connected controller will do it smarter — and save you money at the same time.

There are many shameful things that can happen to a homeowner. Your car rolling out of the garage and into your neighbor’s azalea is one. The sewer pipe getting crushed on Mother’s Day (and on a Sunday no less, and quite possibly as you’re headed out for a few days  [Read More…]

Grab Rachio’s smart sprinker controller for as little as $129 at Amazon

If you are looking to make your sprinkler system a bit smarter you may be interested in this deal on Rachio’s first-gen smart sprinkler controller. Right now, you can grab the 8 zone controller for $ 129, or the 16 zone controller for $ 149. Normally, these retail for $ 249 and $ 299 respectively, so these are big savings.

For those not familiar, the Rachio smart sprinkler controller replaces your current sprinkler controller and lets  [Read More…]

Rachio’s second-generation smart sprinkler controller arrives with smaller footprint, Amazon Echo integration

Rachio, a company that makes a smart sprinkler controller, has announced its second-generation model. The new version is smaller and is supposed to be easier to install (not that the first one was that tough), and offers integration with the Alexa assistant on the Amazon Echo, which lets you control the Rachio with only your voice. (The first-gen Rachio also gets to enjoy this, too.) You can, of course, also control the system from your smartphone using  [Read More…]

Let your lawn water itself with Rachio’s Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller

In an effort to save billions of gallons of wasted water and people’s spare time in one fell swoop, Rachio has announced its Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller that lets you manage your lawn sprinkler system from your mobile device over the internet. This single Wifi-enabled box adds brains to your otherwise dumb centralized sprinkler system, automatically adjusting to weather and seasons to use as little water as possible while also keeping the grass green and healthy.

  [Read More…]