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‘We need to be on Android,’ LeVar Burton says of Reading Rainbow’s epic Kickstarter campaign

When we last left the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign two days ago, it was well on its way to reaching its $ 1 million goal. As we all know, it hit that goal in about 11 hours, and it’s now closing in on $ 3 million, with still more than a month to go.

A couple of updates to point out, however: In a Reddit AMA, LeVar Burton reiterated that Reading Rainbow is coming to Android.  [Read More…]

Muffin Knight – Rainbows, unicorns, and… poop [Game Review]


From the developers of Guerilla Bob comes Muffin Knight, a great looking mix of action, RPG, and platforming. The levels are truly aesthetically stunning with shadows that create 2.5D (not two dimensions but not quite three either) and cute characters that offset the killing and maiming. With just a touch of progressive difficulty, Muffin Knight adds a high-quality  [Read More…]