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Some Pixel 3a owners are experiencing random shut downs

The bug could be related to using Wi-Fi.

What you need to know Some users are experiencing random shut downs on both the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Running in safe mode doesn’t appear to fix it and it could be related to using Wi-Fi. At the moment, there has been no official statement from Google on the matter.

It wouldn’t be a Pixel launch if users weren’t already having problems, and unfortunately, it only took  [Read More…]

Random Android bug shows your recent texts if you search ‘the1975..com’

Oh my hair smells like chocolate.

As awesome as technology is, it’s not uncommon for bugs/glitches to pop up every now and then. If just the slightest thing goes awry, a multitude of unexpected things can happen. Most recently, Android users have been discovering a particularly odd one that causes your recent texts to show up when searching for very specific words on Google Search.

First spotted by a few Redditors over Memorial Day weekend in the  [Read More…]

Random Fighters: Fight against your memory [Review]

Overview In an ecosystem in which pixel graphic games are a dime a dozen, developers have to find ways to come up with interesting gameplay in order to stand out.

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Save $15 on Random Order’s Qi wireless charging pad today!

Random Order’s wireless charging pad lets you charge your Qi-enabled phone with ease. It outputs at 5W for a fast charge with a multi-color LED to show your charging status. Don’t plug in your phone every time you need to charge — just grab one of these for $ 19.95!

‘BadUSB’ malware highlights the danger of plugging random mystery drives into your computer

Another day, another apocalyptic prognostication of computer security doom, this time focusing on the omnipresent USB connection. It’s called ‘BadUSB’, and it’s a malware proof-of-concept created by security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell that exploits a flaw in and resides in the firmware that controls the basic function of USB devices. The researchers claim that it’s not a problem that can be patched, saying that they’re “exploiting the very way that USB is designed,” but  [Read More…]

Random musings on smartwatches present and future


There’s obviously no doubt about the fact that smartwatches are our future. Or they will at least be a big part of our future and those days are coming quick. We’ve now seen smartwatches such as the LG G Watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear, and others. Personally, I’m currently rocking a Martian Notifier by Martian Watches and this is what brings me to… Read more »

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Google I/O registration open April 7-9, will choose random applicants

Good news for folks who have been shut out of the Google I/O developer conference in past years. This year, things are going random. As in no more first-come/first-served, sold-out-in-60 minutes schemes. Here’s the deal: You’ll be able to register from April 7 to April 9. Google will then choose applicants at random, and send ticket confirmation emails thereafter. Get it? Got it? Cross your fingers. [Google Developers]

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Grow Random and Unique Plants on Home Screen with Droots Live Wallpaper

We learned of a new live wallpaper this morning called Droots which enables users to grow unique, completely random plants on their Android home screens.  Droots,  or digital roots, take anywhere from two to four weeks to grow and are different every single time.  The live wallpaper is available for free (Android 2.1+), comes with a pair of background environments (dune, forest) and can automatically adjust lighting  [Read More…]