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This $13 AmazonBasics indoor TV antenna has a 35-mile range

Catch all the local broadcasts.

The AmazonBasics 35-mile ultra thin indoor TV antenna has matched its lowest price ever with this drop to $ 12.99. It normally sells for around $ 20 and hasn’t gone below $ 15 since last September.

If you live anywhere near an urban center and have broadcast towers near you, the 35-mile range should be enough. You can use this reception map to see how it will work from your location. Whatever  [Read More…]

This TP-Link AC750 Wi-Fi range extender is only $19 today

Them dead zones feel alive again.

This TP-Link AC750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender is down to $ 18.99 on Amazon. It normally sells for $ 30, and this price is a match for the lowest we’ve seen. This is a one-day only deal as part of Amazon’s Gold Box sale on TP-Link gear.

Make sure you don’t have any dead zones in your house with this simple range extender. It can help you get that signal  [Read More…]

Braven debuts FLYE SPORT range of performance-oriented Bluetooth headphones

Braven, a brand that’s normally known for its kick-ass Bluetooth speakers, is launching a new line of Bluetooth, in-ear headphones. Known as the FLYE SPORT family, it initially consists of at least four models. The main, namesake edition launches later this quarter while the other three arrive in the second quarter. “We’ve always envisioned this

808 Audio kicks off the new year with a whole range of new products

808 Audio, a key player in the audio space, and a brand we’ve reviewed a number of times, is starting off the new year with a bunch of new products. Keeping with its current portfolio of devices, the new stuff spans both speakers and earphones –plus something else unique. “We continue to improve and expand our

Bluetooth 5 is here with double the speed, four times the range of Bluetooth 4.2

Next-gen Bluetooth will be rolling out in the coming months.

Bluetooth 5 was announced in June, and today the Bluetooth Special Interest Group revealed that the spec is now finalized, making it ready for adoption. The new standard offers double the bandwidth, four times the range, and eight times the broadcast message capacity of Bluetooth 4.2.

Increased bandwidth leads to lower latency, and more range means that the connection to a paired device won’t cut  [Read More…]

Bluetooth 5 will double the speed, quadruple the range of its predecessor

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) have announced the details of Bluetooth 5. The next version of the wireless hardware standard will have double the speeds and four times the range of Bluetooth 4,

The SIG stated:

Bluetooth 5, projected for release in late 2016 to early 2017, will quadruple range and double speed of low energy connections while increasing the capacity of connectionless data broadcasts by 800 percent. It achieves all this alongside its industry-leading  [Read More…]

Here’s why Google must build the Nexus range themselves

Talk to any person who loves Android, and you’re bound to come across the topic of Nexus. Hell, they’ll probably even own one, if not several of the popular devices. It’s no secret that the Nexii that run pure Android are amongst the, if not the, most popular devices that Android lovers can get their

Moto Z coming to India by October, Moto Mods priced in the $50-$200 range

Lenovo has confirmed that the Moto Z will make its way to India by October. Moto Mods accessories will also be available at launch, according to Lenovo’s SVP Aymar de Lencquesaing. Without going into a lot of detail, the executive mentioned that the accessories will be priced in the $ 50-$ 200 range.

In an interview with Gadgets 360, Lencquesaing said:

It [Moto Z and Moto Mods] will come to India in September or October time  [Read More…]

Why low to mid range phones are the “Next Big Thing”

About 3 years ago Samsung released the Galaxy S 3 and with it, their “Next Big Thing” marketing slogan. At the time, the slogan fit the brand and where they were going almost perfectly. It wasn’t too much later that they released the Galaxy Note II and popularized the phablet. The truth is, that they were churning out hit after hit, but something happened along the way.

A man named John Legere happened. He took over as CEO of T-Mobile  [Read More…]

Sony cuts price of Xperia Z5 smartphone range prior to launch

Sony has cut the pricing of the Xperia Z5 range on the company’s website. The new smartphones were retailing from £549, but now the cheapest option that is the Xperia Z5 Compact, will now cost you £429. This pricing reduction better positions Sony’s online store with how retail partners have the Z5 priced.

[Read More…]