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HTC U11 Life rumored to have Android Oreo, Edge Sense, IP67 rating around $400

Another step in the process of moving Android One toward higher-end phones.

Google’s Android One program has hit a couple of high points over the past few weeks with entries like the Xiaomi Mi A1 and upcoming Moto X4 on Project Fi. Both the Mi A1 and Moto X4 are two of the most complete handsets we’ve seen under the Android One moniker to-date, but leaked specs for the HTC U11 Life reveal that it might be Android One’s  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8 camera can’t quite beat the Pixel DxOMark rating

The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera is a great camera, one of the best, but it still wasn’t quite enough to knock the Google Pixel from the top of the DxOMark rankings. DxOMark offers a ranking based on extensive testing of a smartphone camera to a level of detail that most average users don’t worry about. […]

The Google Play Store just made its app rating system more reliable

It happened to all of us at some point – positive reviews misleading us into downloading a lousy app from the Google Play Store. But Google wants to put a stop to developers boosting their apps’ rankings through such shady means. The tech giant has announced it is debuting a new technology that will help

What is an IP Rating for smartphones?

Have you ever found yourself looking at a new smartphone or wearable, wondering just what that IP68 rating means? How does that affect you as a potential customer or user? Does it differ from an IP67 rating? If so, how? An increasing number of Android handsets and gadgets are being released with variations of an

Samsung ‘stands behind’ Galaxy S7 Active IP68 rating

The company says it will “replace any Galaxy S7 active under its standard limited warranty, should water damage occur.”

Samsung on July 15 issued a short statement in response to two of its Galaxy S7 Active phones apparently failing Consumer Reports’ water immersion test.

The Galaxy S7 active passed rigorous tests to ensure IP68 certification for water resistance.

Samsung stands behind this water resistance certification, and will replace any Galaxy S7 active under its standard limited  [Read More…]

Moto G (3rd Gen) to have a IPx7 rating

Motorola-Moto-G-2015-leak-640x444The 28th is quickly approaching, and the Moto G leaks just won’t stop.

The latest leak includes the informative film that is shipped attached to the front screen of most phones.

This film revels that the newest Moto G could have a IPx7 water resistance rating enabling it to be submerged up to 1 meter in water.

This is nothing revolutionary as water resistance rating have been shipping on phones like  [Read More…]

Tip: Android Market website now sorts reviews by Date, Rating, and Helpfulness

Android Market reviews can often be a crapshoot in relevance and being resourceful, so we welcome any attempt to improve the way that they are displayed. The Android Market Website was recently updated to highlight more relevant comments and filter according to certain categories.

Artem at AndroidPolice notes that market.android.com entries now allow users to sort by Date, Rating, and Helpfulness. Users can get  [Read More…]