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The Motorola RAZR is cool, but it doesn’t stand a chance against the Z Flip

Foldable done right Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

$ 1,380 at Samsung

Pros Display is made of ultra-thin glass More powerful specs Bigger battery with wireless charging Available with carriers and unlocked Lower price Cons Secondary screen is tiny Still a crease on the folding display

The Galaxy Z Flip is the newest folding phone to hit the market, and from what we can tell, it’s the better choice over the Motorola RAZR in virtually every single  [Read More…]

Galaxy Z Flip hands-on preview: Samsung just killed the RAZR

In less than a year, we have a second generation of Samsung foldables.

Just as expected, Samsung went ahead and unveiled the new Galaxy Z Flip alongside the Galaxy S20 series at its February launch event. In fact, it actually led the presentation with the Z Flip, which shows just how much it cares to put the spotlight on the new foldable after the Galaxy Fold’s rocky launch in 2019.

I’ve had a solid hour with  [Read More…]

Motorola RAZR review: I wanted to love it, but here’s why I’m returning it

Too many compromises, for too much money.

Motorola RAZR: The review Stunning design Folding display Average Battery Poor Camera Mid-range Specs Good Performance Great Software Final Verdict

This is the hardest review I’ve ever written. We’re at the beginning of the foldable era, and we’ve already seen one foldable go through some questionable times, although Samsung was able to rectify the issues with the Galaxy Fold.

When Motorola revealed the 2020 RAZR back in November,  [Read More…]

Motorola RAZR battery life has been a disappointment so far

A few hours of screen-on-time is one thing; a max life of 12 hours is another thing entirely.

Motorola RAZR: The review in progress 48-hour impressions Camera review Battery life review

The Motorola RAZR has a lot of things that might attract your attention, including the front display, folding main screen, and the cool form factor. However, look beneath the surface features, and the 2510mAh battery is likely to cause some concern.

Can a phone  [Read More…]

Galaxy Fold vs. Motorola RAZR: Which foldable phone should you buy?

Foldable flagship Samsung Galaxy Fold

$ 1,930 at Best Buy

Pros Top-tier specs Long battery life Massive real estate Great cameras Cons Fragile and not water-resistant Very expensive Cover screen is cramped

The Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s most ambitious phone yet, able to fold out from a thick, narrow phone-sized device with a small screen to a thin miniature tablet, and it all fits in your pocket. It has a whopping six cameras, flagship-tier specs, and  [Read More…]

You definitely shouldn’t buy the Motorola RAZR for its camera

Software is no match for hardware, and Motorola’s post-processing can’t make up for a subpar sensor.

Three cameras. Four cameras. Five cameras. Most phones are trending towards having more camera sensors is better, but there are a few devices that aim to prove that software is just as important as having more cameras than ever before. Google has infamously proven that a single camera paired with clever software can take wonderful photos, and Motorola has joined that  [Read More…]

Some Motorola RAZR pre-orders are already on their way

It was expected to begin shipping on February 6.

What you need to know Motorola has started shipping out some RAZR pre-orders early. The Lenovo-owned company had previously announced that pre-orders would start shipping on February 6. It was made available for pre-order in the U.S. earlier this week.

After a four-week delay, pre-orders for the foldable Motorola RAZR were finally opened in the U.S. earlier this week. The company had said that the phone would go  [Read More…]

Here’s what you need to know about the foldable Motorola RAZR

The 2020 RAZR is a fascinating mix of old and new.

The Motorola RAZR from the early 2000s will go down as one of the most popular phones in history. It may not look like much in the year 2020, but in its heyday, the RAZR was darn special.

Feeding off people’s constant want for nostalgia and with foldable phones spiking in popularity, Motorola is bringing the RAZR back. However, instead of being an old-fashioned flip phone,  [Read More…]

Motorola Razr arrives at Verizon on February 6

Verizon on Wednesday announced that it will begin selling the Motorola Razr on February 6. The folding phone goes up for pre-order starting the week prior on January 26.

The arrival comes exactly one month after the initial launch. The phone was postponed due to demand being higher than anticipated.

The Motorola Razr will be priced $ 1,499.99 outright or $ 62.49 per month for 24 months on Verizon Device Payment. While that’s certainly a ton of money for what many  [Read More…]

Owing to high demand, Motorola is delaying its revamped RAZR

Part foldable phone, part nostalgia milking machine, the Motorola RAZR has made foldable devices exciting again, following the botched releases of both the Huawei Mate X and the Galaxy Fold. Unfortunately, though, the phone’s nostalgia factor may have been too high, as the reimagination of Motorola’s classic from 2004 is being slightly delayed due to excessive demand.

The company had previously committed to opening preorders the day after Christmas and general availability sometime in January but says it’s  [Read More…]