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Google may finally add message reactions to its Messages app this year

The app may also let users doodle on images before sending them, similar to Google Duo.

What you need to know An APK teardown has revealed that Google is working on adding message reactions to its Messages app. Google Messages is likely to gain a new doodling feature as well. Both new features will likely be rolled out to users sometime later this year.

Google’s Messages app, with its easy-to-use interface and RCS support, is one of  [Read More…]

Facebook adds reactions and direct mentions to Messenger

One step closer towards becoming a robust messaging app; one giant leap towards adopting features typically heralded by Slack users.

First, it was Google Hangouts, and now it’s Facebook Messenger. Companies appear to be particularly drawn to those features that have made Slack so popular, but can you blame them? Slack’s communication dynamic truly is a deligh to use, and those other companies want people to say the same about their messaging  [Read More…]

Facebook Messenger gains Reactions and Mentions

Facebook today introduced a couple of new features for its Messenger client on Android and iOS. Hitting both platforms in the coming days are Reactions and Replies. Messenger is a great way to communicate with just one person or with a group of people. Today, we’re introducing two new features that improve group conversations to […]

How to use Facebook’s new reactions on Android

Express sadness, anger, surprise, and more with Facebook reactions

Like is so 2015. Especially when you can love, laugh, cry, gasp, or fume! And that’s where Facebook‘s new reactions come in. If someone posts bad news or sad news, if they post something that makes you glad or makes you mad, you can now react exactly that way. Best of all, it works on Android and on the Web!

What are Facebook Reactions?

Facebook reactions give  [Read More…]

Facebook Reactions are now globally available

Your News Feed is about to get more emotional, except this time not in a creepy, manipulative way. This time, the Like button is getting an update that will let

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Facebook goes beyond Like, trialing new ‘Reactions’

After long-time rumors of a ‘Dislike’ button, Facebook will be trialing a new feature that will allow users to share different reactions to posts on the site.

The feature, known as ‘Reactions’, will act as an extension to the standard Like button, with a set of six emoji: like, love, haha, yay, wow, sad and angry. The reactions will be accessible by hovering or long-pressing the Like button wherever it appears on the News Feed, whether it is from friends, pages you follow or  [Read More…]

Facebook’s new Reactions help you express yourself

Facebook is beginning to test a new way for users to express themselves beyond the standard “Like” or comment. Now users can express their feelings using a variety of Reactions, little emoji characters that they can place on posts.

Homerun Battle 3D, root access, and poor communication leads to knee-jerk reactions


image credit umpire.org

Com2Us are the distributors and developers on a semi-popular game in the Android Market — Homerun Battle 3D.  Recently, in order to try to kill the rampant cheating that goes on in the multi-player online games, they made a huge mistake.  Com2Us sent out an update that blocked anyone who had rooted their phone from playing.  As you can imagine, the uproar from people who had already spent $  [Read More…]