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Saturday’s top deals: Wi-Fi routers, Kindle readers, & more!

We’ve spend every day trawling the web for the very best deals so you don’t have to. Our very favorites from today have been rounded up below for your personal perusal and purchasing pleasure. Don’t miss ’em!

Faster Internet Linksys Wi-Fi Routers

If you’re tired of slow internet and dead spots at home, it may be time to upgrade your router. Today’s one-day deal has a few popular Linksys models in it, with prices starting at just $  [Read More…]

Palabre: One of the most customizable and beautiful news readers around (Review)

Even in 2019 there are people who still have not forgiven Google for discontinuing Google Reader. The silver lining was that several alternatives popped up to try to fill the spot that Google inexplicably withdrew from.

One of the strongest apps in the category today is Palabre, a news reader that is as beautiful as customizable.

Developer: LevelUp Studio Price: Free


Palabre is, at its core, a news reader. You can either use Palabre’s news sources or connect it  [Read More…]

Best eight Android apps for avid readers

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and like it or not, reading is no exception to this.

Today it seems we’ve almost forgotten the feeling of holding a book in our hands, as the world is slowly turning digital. But it’s not all bad! Because being able to carry a global library in your pocket comes with a few advantages. Like saving quite a lot on costs.

So for all the literature fans who are trying to step  [Read More…]

These are the top 10 items that our readers purchased on Prime Day

There were some clear winners this year.

Amazon boasted that Prime Day 2018 would have more than a million deals available worldwide, which is pretty insane when you think about it. Even though there were so many deals, there were a bunch of clear-cut winners this year. We took some time to break down what the top 10 deals were during this sale, as decided by what you have been buying.

Given the price drops that each of these  [Read More…]

7 Best OBD2 Car Readers for Android

What’s the best OBD II reader for Android? Here’s a few to get you started!

Car repair can be costly (duh!) and that Check Engine light could mean myriad issues with your car. Or, it could be a simple fix that you could do yourself — so why take it to your dealer or mechanic without knowing the problem first? Some places will charge you $ 100 or more just for the scan.

Don’t get swindled again.  [Read More…]

AC readers recall their first cell phones

What was your first phone? We asked, and here are some of your answers.

Can you believe what used to pass for a cell phone in the beginning? Or how much we used to spend just to make a phone call? And do you remember how excited we used to get over a carrier-provided app store on our phones, merely so that we could download color games?

Interestingly, roughly only 17 percent of you mentioned wielding a Nokia mobile  [Read More…]

We’re giving away an Honor 6X to three Android Central readers!

Want to win a brand new Honor 6X? Live in the U.S.? You’re in the right place!

Huawei has taken to CES once again to unveil its latest device, the Honor 6X. Keeping in the tradition of this line, the Honor 6X comes in at a budget-friendly price of $ 249 — and though it has the sort of mid-range specs you’d expect, there are a few neat bonuses here you don’t always find on a phone  [Read More…]

Huawei is asking Android Central readers to help test Nougat on the Honor 8

Be a part of the solution.

Last week, we showed you what the next generation of Huawei’s EMUI 5.0 looks like on the Mate 9, and it’s a big upgrade from the previous version. Not only is it slicker and faster, but it has a bunch of great features, like in-line replies and multi window, that work wonders with Huawei’s improvements.

Now, Honor, in collaboration with Android Central, is asking for volunteers  [Read More…]

So many new and exclusive discount codes for AndroidGuys’ readers it’s an early Black Friday!

Happy Friday! China is celebrating its National Day Holiday week which means they gave AndroidGuys readers over 20 new and exclusive discount codes in commemoration of that event! There are seriously so many deals, with some items costing $ 2 that it feels like an early Black Friday. A couple of my favorite deals are the