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OnePlus 7 Pro camera improvements are real, but they’re not spectacular

Improvements across the board just a month after release.

The OnePlus 7 Pro took important steps up in camera hardware, with a new main sensor and fresh set of supporting cameras. But the end result of these improvements was a similar story to the OnePlus 6T: photos that were good, not great, and certainly not challenging the top-end flagships — particularly in low light.

Now less than a month after release, OnePlus has a fresh software update  [Read More…]

Go up against real intelligence with these multiplayer PlayStation VR games

PSVR’s library of games keeps growing, and it continues to attract some gems. One thing about virtual reality, mostly due to the physical nature of the headset, is that it can be a bit of a solitary experience. If you’d like your gaming experience to entail meeting some new friends or duking it out against human intelligence, we’ve rounded up the best multiplayer games for PlayStation VR.

★ Featured favorite Werewolves Within

A game based on  [Read More…]

Will somebody make me a Chromebook with a ‘real’ graphics card?

The only thing missing for a true power-user Chromebook is a discrete GPU.

Not too long ago, I would have struggled to find a good reason to buy an uber-powerful Chromebook with oodles of RAM and a high-end notebook CPU inside. Chrome OS just doesn’t need it because it was built from the ground up to work with machines that have very modest specs. That was Google’s secret weapon — build really cheap laptops that worked well  [Read More…]

Here’s how good the Galaxy Note 9’s battery life is in the real world

Best answer: Samsung could finally tout a Note with battery life to match its size and capabilities thanks to the Note 9. It can go all day with a good amount of battery to spare, even if you make no attempt to change its behavior in the name of battery life. The only modern Galaxy phone that bests it is the latest and greatest Galaxy S10+, and the improvement isn’t huge.

Solid battery, at a discount:  [Read More…]

Buttonless phones are a cool idea that serve no real purpose

Another solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an editorial complaining about in-screen fingerprint sensors — going as far to say that they’re the worst thing about phones in 2019. I’m still not a fan of them, but I will acknowledge that I may have been a bit harsh with some of my wording. I personally prefer regular side and rear-mounted sensors, but there is room for in-screen sensors to  [Read More…]

Ace Combat 7 review: As real as you want it to be

A great aerial combat game with very few bells and whistles.

As satisfying as it is to hear “Mission Accomplished. Bring it home, Trigger.” over the comm, I can’t afford to lose focus. Landing this F-14D isn’t as challenging as some of the other jets I’ve been in, but it’s far from easy after an extended dogfight. My hands ache from gripping the throttle and stick through the last couple of runs, and if I don’t keep  [Read More…]

Essential Phone 2 could be real, Xiaomi releases Mi Box S, and more news you need to know

Welcome to In Brief, the AndroidGuys tech briefing. Today is Wednesday, October 10th, and we’re taking a look at all the tech news you need to know. In this post, we want you to learn about the news the way you want to learn. We’ve embedded a podcast version of all this news below. If you don’t want to listen, you can read just like you normally would.

In today’s edition, we learn more about a possible successor to the Essential Phone along  [Read More…]

NHL 19 is a faithful rendition of the real deal

Violent Sports On Ice.

NHL 19 is due out in a short couple of days. It’s EA’s hockey simulator that, although not quite as popular as their Madden and FIFA games, certainly has earned its scratch as a quality annual sports title. Here’s everything you need to know about NHL 19.

$ 60 at Amazon

What is NHL 19?

We’re not exactly sure when it happened, but EA found themselves the sole owners of a licensed  [Read More…]

Google Lens is a student’s best friend: How to copy-paste text from the real world

Let Google copy down all that information for you.

Google Lens is one of the more underappreciated Google services out there, and nowhere is this more true than in education. Sure, Google Lens can scan barcodes and identify some real-world objects when you need to figure out which one of those vines is poison oak, but the real magic in Google Lens was a little feature announced at Google I/O that made everyone who’s ever had to  [Read More…]

The Very Real reason LG built Google the sharpest OLED display ever

Everything bad about current generation VR is about to disappear under a flood of pixels.

In late May, LG and Google showed off a tiny piece of glass that’s going to change VR and AR forever. It was a 4.3-inch 3840 x 4800 (18-megapixel) OLED display with a 120 x 96 field of view. A quick check of the math says that means it has 1,443 pixels-per-inch, which makes it the highest resolution display ever. Oh —  [Read More…]