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Niantic’s massive reboot to Ingress, called Prime, is finally here

Fire up your scanner, Agents. Your faction needs you more than ever before.

Long before Pokemon Go took over the world, Niantic was a small team inside of Google eager to make a game that got people out in the world and exploring the hidden secret cool things around them. Ingress grew steadily in popularity, and a huge percentage of its userbase remains fiercely loyal to this day. The Enlightened and Resistance factions continue to wage war  [Read More…]

Palm is getting a reboot in 2018, new phone coming to Verizon later this year

It’s happening! According to a new report, TCL and Verizon are partnering up to launch a new Palm smartphone with Android, coming later this year.

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OnePlus is looking into potential OnePlus 5 ‘911 reboot’ issue

The OnePlus 5 may have a pretty dangerous ‘911’ bug.

Over the last few days, a small but growing number of OnePlus 5 users have claimed that upon dialing ‘911’ or ‘999’ — numbers designated for emergency services in the U.S. and UK, respectively — their phones have rebooted prior to the call going through.

On Reddit, many people have speculated that it is a problem with the phone’s ability to find a reliable GPS signal, which  [Read More…]

Tomb Raider reboot highlights two paths for gaming on NVIDIA Shield TV

NIVIDIA has added a couple noteworthy titles to the Shield TV’s ever-growing game library, highlighting the different ways gamers can play on the Shield.

The marquee title arriving on NVIDIA Shield is Tomb Raider, the gritty 2013 reboot of the iconic gaming franchise, starring Lara Croft. Available as a download through the Google Play Store, the game offers a reimagined origin story for the first Queen of Gaming, giving the action adventure franchise a total overhaul and  [Read More…]

Latest Nougat beta update for the S7 edge fixes reboot issue

Bug fixes, transparent notifications, and no more errant reboots.

The fifth Nougat beta update is now rolling out to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to those enrolled in the Galaxy Beta program in the UK and South Korea. While there aren’t any new feature additions, the update fixes the intermittent reboot issue, and has several stability improvements.

The update comes in at 301MB, and you’ll be able to download it by heading into your phone’s  [Read More…]

Evening news brief: Android’s getting a reboot

Android chief teases an historic day, while Roku debuts a new line of set-top boxes, and the Honor 8 gets its first big update.

It rained a lot here this morning, and it occurred to me, during my second cup of coffee, that the Android news cycle is pretty predictable. So I took a look at rumor mills in the weeks prior to previous Nexus events, and it confirmed my suspicions: there’s always a few nuggets of truth amidst  [Read More…]

Netflix to stream Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot in U.S. and other countries

Netflix has announced it has bought the rights to stream the upcoming reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

The revival of the classic comedy TV series, where its stars make fun of really bad movies while the film is running, first received funding in 2015 via a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. It ended up wth over $ 6 million to spend for 14 new episodes.  [Read More…]

Google targets Android One reboot, aims to hit ‘sweet spot’ of sub-$50 smartphones

Earlier this year, Google said that it would be targeting a higher price point with Android One, offering phones that cost above $ 150. The search giant followed through on its word, delivering the Pixel V1, a $ 185 Android One handset with a 5.5-inch HD display, quad-core MediaTek CPU, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage made in collaboration with Indian vendor Lava Mobiles. It looks like Google is setting its sights on the entry-level segment, with the  [Read More…]

Android One gets a reboot with the Lava Pixel V1

Google is all set to unveil the second-generation Android One handset — made in collaboration with Indian manufacturer Lava Mobiles — later this month. Earlier rumors suggested we’ll see the official launch on July 14, which has since been pushed back to July 29. Ahead of the official unveil, details regarding the handset — which is called the Pixel V1 — have leaked, giving us a first look at the upcoming changes to the Android One platform.

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Snake Rewind is a classic reboot coming to Android on May 14

Get ready for a nostalgia-fueled haze of excitement: the creator of Snake is bringing a reboot of the mobile classic to Android on May 14.

Called Snake Rewind, the reboot breaks the game out of its classic black-and-white confines and adds a splash of color and extra flair with 10 visually distinct levels and new power ups.

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