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LG G6 gets Android 8.0 and is re-branded as ‘ThinQ’

The LG G6 is LG’s phone from 2017, seeing that the LG G7 ThinQ is this year’s flagship from LG. And yet, LG is adding the “ThinQ” rebranding to this year’s phones as well as last year’s. The LG G6 is now rebranded as the LG G6 ThinQ.

Some readers, and our staff, are seeing the Android 8.0 Oreo update on their respective phones now. If you have an LG G6, keep an eye out for a software update. It’s  [Read More…]

The LG G6 ThinQ is an old phone, rebranded rather than reborn

The LG G6 ThinQ is LG’s flagship from last year with the addition of new AI camera features. LG’s decision to rebrand one of its most unpopular phones is probably for marketing purposes, though it seems rather unnecessary.

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S Health gets re-branded as Samsung Health, offers online doctor appointments

If you own a Samsung handset, then you’re probably familiar with the S Health app – a service developed by Samsung itself which allows users to track steps, the exact amount of minutes they spent moving, track heart rate, oxygen saturation levels and many other things. Well if you have looked at your Samsung device […]

CyanogenMod might be re-branded as LineageOS

Not so long ago Cyanogen Inc. CEO Lior Tal announced in a sketchy blog post that the company is closing its Seattle office and moving to Palo Alto, California – presumably to be closer to where all the action happens, while leaving co-founder Steve Kondik behind. Kondiak apparently wants to move on with the CyanogenMod

Google Cast rebranded as Home with UI refresh

The Google Cast app just got a refresh. It’s now called Home, and offers UI tweaks and support for new devices like the Chromecast Ultra. The rebrand brings Cast more in line with the new Google Home device. You probably won’t notice much unless you have a Google Home device or a Chromecast Ultra. You

Link Bubble goes open source, to be rebranded as ‘Brave’

Link Bubble, a unique Android browser that was sold off by developer Chris Lacy late last year, is now open source after having received a number of updates in the past few months. Moreover, the folks that acquired the browser, Brave Software, have announced that the browser will be rebranded as just “Brave,” and interested parties can now sign up to test the browser’s initial beta release.

On its homepage, Brave Software says that open sourcing Link  [Read More…]

VAIO launches its first smartphone, a rebranded Panasonic Eluga U2

VAIO has finally launched its first smartphone since being sold off by Sony last year. The company has announced that the VAIO Phone, which is essentially the Panasonic Eluga U2, will launch on one of Japan’s smaller carriers b-mobile. While it’s not necessarily new hardware, it’s a start for the company.

Samsung Apps finally rebranded to ‘Galaxy Apps’ to help with platform confusion

Though Samsung claimed the change would come several days ago, the Samsung Apps store has just rebranded itself to Galaxy Apps with an update to the application. Coming with the rebrand to the “Galaxy” name is a slight change in visual styling of the app to darker shades of blue and a few new animations, though the app overall performs much the same as it did before.

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Rebranded Shoebox announced with new lock screen feature


There are already tons of photo to cloud backup solutions for you to choose from, but one of the most popular is getting rebranded. Shoebox (formerly MyShoebox) has a new name and some new features in the Android app.

Other than the simplified name, Shoebox is adding a nice rotating lock screen feature. Photos will stay set as your lock screen and will rotate every  [Read More…]