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Note 10+ review, Android 10, and rebranding [#acpodcast]

Ara Wagoner and Andrew Martonik join Daniel Bader for a conversation about their Galaxy Note 10+ impressions, including a worthwhile detour into USB-C Power Delivery and PPS charging technology.

Google has ditched letter/food naming conventions for Android in favor of numbers. What we know as Android Q will simply become Android 10. The company has also redesigned Android branding and is putting tighter restrictions on its use.

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ASUS is rebranding the ZenFone 6 to ASUS 6Z in India following court ban

ASUS is banned from using ZenFone branding in India, so it’s renaming the ZenFone 6 to ASUS 6Z.

What you need to know ASUS is renaming the ZenFone 6 to ASUS 6Z in India. The manufacturer was found to infringe on an already existing trademark for Zen branding. The ASUS 6Z is slated to make its debut in India on June 19.

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Google pushes RCS forward by rebranding Messenger to Android Messages

Google wants its messaging app to be the default texting platform in the age of RCS.

Google Messenger has picked up an update that renames the app to Android Messages. The core functionality is still the same, and barring the name change, the update doesn’t bring any new features to the messaging app. However, the app will now be installed on default on handsets from over 20 phone makers as Google pushes ahead with RCS.

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UMi rebranding as UMIDIGI for 2017; will kick off new year with Z PRO

The most awaited UMi device of 2016, the UMi Z finally has an official pre-sale date: January 4th.  Previously expected today, December 26, some internal rumors indicated it had been postponed to launch simultaneously with another variant, the UMIDIGI Z PRO. The latter phone is rumored to have a 13-megapixel dual-lens camera. According to an official statement

Rhapsody is going back to 1999 and rebranding itself as Napster

The music streaming service Rhapsody has announced plans to rebrand itself as Napster. The old, and infamous, music sharing service was founded in 1999 and its brand was bought by Rhapsody in 2011.

Rhapsody announced the upcoming move to the Napster brand on its blog, stating:

No changes to your playlists, favorites, albums, and artists. Same music. Same service. Same price. 100% the music you love. Stay tuned!

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Alcatel drops the ‘OneTouch’ in major rebranding

Alcatel OneTouch is no more. Long live Alcatel.

In addition to the announcement of the rather stylish new Idol 4 smartphones, Alcatel’s other big news out of Mobile World Congress is, well, that it’s now just Alcatel. The company has dropped “OneTouch” from its name and will just go by “Alcatel.” And it’s got a new logo to go along with it.

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Samsung capitalizes on Galaxy name with new app store rebranding

Samsung has announced that its proprietary app store for Android will get a name change from Samsung Apps to Samsung Galaxy Apps. The inclusion of the Galaxy branding in the store will make it more clear that the app store is designed for Galaxy-branded devices, all of which run Android. The change will occur by July 1.

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Get Ready For It: Smartwatch Fans is expanding… and rebranding!

When we Welcomed Smartwatch Fans to the Mobile Nations family on January 1st of this year, we told the story of how the site came to be. In reality, we actually started 2013 with the goal of building a community and resource with a broader focus, covering not only smartwatches, but also other wearables and the broader world of connected devices often referred to as the internet of things.

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