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Some Galaxy Note 4 batteries are being recalled due to safety concerns

A few days before the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is expected to launch, we’re hearing US regulators have issued a recall for select Galaxy Note 4 batteries. Before you get your pitchforks out, let us tell you that this time around it’s nothing remotely similar to the Galaxy Note7 scandal. Actually Samsung doesn’t even have anything […]

Half of all recalled U.S. Galaxy Note 7s have been returned to Samsung

Samsung has hit a big milestone in its U.S. recall of the Galaxy Note 7, but the next group will be tougher.

Now one full week removed from the official CPSC recall of the Note 7 in the U.S., Samsung claimed in a statement sent to Android Central that “about half” of the 1 million recalled phones have been returned. That’s a large uptick from the numbers of just a week ago, which had shown that fewer than 20%  [Read More…]

Samsung going to great lengths to force return of recalled Note 7s

Samsung is taking unprecedented steps to convince customers to return recalled Galaxy Note 7s.

“Most Canadians are extremely supportive of how we’ve handled things,” says Paul Brannen, COO and Executive Vice President of Samsung Canada, in a Toronto board room.

He’s talking with reporters in 15-minute sessions, hoping to quickly cut to the essential truth of the issue: Samsung Canada has handled the Galaxy Note 7 recall better than any other region. He conveys this without  [Read More…]

Samsung announces availability of replacement Galaxy Note 7s, tool to check if your device is recalled

In the wake of the official Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung has a serious problem on its hands. The Galaxy Note 7 has significant battery issues that have lead to fires and explosions in some cases, and Samsung is recalling all devices sold so far.

Thankfully, replacement stock will be arriving at retailers soon. Samsung has announced that new Galaxy Note 7s will be available at most retail locations by September 21. Considering the amount of devices recalled and the amount of new devices needed to  [Read More…]

Samsung to limit recalled Note 7s to 60% battery in Korea as report blames ‘production error’

OTA will mitigate the risk of explosions by limiting battery charge. Meanwhile a preliminary report to Korean regulators blames production error which “placed pressure on plates” in battery cells.

While Samsung won’t be remotely disabling recalled Galaxy Note 7s anytime soon, it seems the company has a plan to mitigate the risk of further battery explosions — at least in its home market of Korea.

The Associated Press reports that Samsung will issue a software update  [Read More…]

How to exchange your recalled Galaxy Note 7 in Canada

Following the global Note 7 recall that started last week, Canadians now have an official route from Samsung to replace their phone.

If you have a Galaxy Note 7 in your possession, you’ll want to get it exchanged for a new unit. Regardless of whether you purchased the phone through your carrier or another retailer, Samsung Canada has made it clear how you’ll be able to swap it out with a brand new unit free of charge.

[Read More…]

Samsung reveals when it’ll start exchanging recalled Galaxy Note 7s in the UK

UK + Irish Galaxy Note 7 owners can begin exchanging their devices from September 19

Update: We’ve added Samsung’s statement on new Note 7 sales below.

Following last week’s announcement of a global recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets after battery fires and explosions in a handful of units, the manufacturer has given more details on how the recall program will work in the UK and Ireland.

Samsung halted the rollout of the  [Read More…]

How to return your recalled Galaxy Note 7 to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint

Samsung has initiated a recall for the Note 7, but all you care about is your interaction with your carrier.

Since a majority of us in the U.S. still buy our phones from the big four carriers, we don’t really care about the process of returning our still-new recalled Galaxy Note 7 elsewhere — we want to know how to get it done here. Well, it turns out that one of the benefits of buying your  [Read More…]

Samsung sets up U.S. Product Exchange Program for recalled Note 7s

Samsung announced earlier that it will be recalling Galaxy Note 7 devices due to a problem with the battery, and it’s now set up a program to help owners in the U.S. exchange their faulty devices for working ones.

Note 7 owners, you have two options. The first is to exchange your Note 7 for another Note 7 without the battery defect. Due to high demand, devices should be available next week. The other option is to exchange for a Galaxy S7  [Read More…]

Has my Galaxy Note 7 been recalled?

How do I know if my Note 7 has been recalled?

When it comes to product recalls, there’s usually a process for finding out just which units have been recalled. In the case of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung has announced that every Note 7 has been recalled, removing any questions you may have had as to whether or not your phone is headed back to the manufacturer. The full statement, from Samsung:

In response  [Read More…]