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Send money to friends and more with the recent update to Google Pay

Google is rolling out new features to Google Pay starting with the ability to send money to your friends. This functionality existed previously in Google Wallet if you can remember back that far.

Later, it was spun off into Google Pay Send, a separate entity from Google Pay, and now Google has finally rolled it into Google Pay. It would have been better to see this at launch, but better late than never. For now, this is only available in  [Read More…]

Random Android bug shows your recent texts if you search ‘the1975..com’

Oh my hair smells like chocolate.

As awesome as technology is, it’s not uncommon for bugs/glitches to pop up every now and then. If just the slightest thing goes awry, a multitude of unexpected things can happen. Most recently, Android users have been discovering a particularly odd one that causes your recent texts to show up when searching for very specific words on Google Search.

First spotted by a few Redditors over Memorial Day weekend in the  [Read More…]

Despite recent setbacks, Huawei isn’t exiting the U.S. market

Huawei CEO says the company will continue to do business in the U.S.

Huawei hasn’t had the easiest time of late in the U.S. The Chinese manufacturer lost carrier support back in February as both AT&T and Verizon pulled out of deals to carry the Mate 10 Pro following political pressure from the U.S. government. Last week, Best Buy announced that it would stop selling Huawei phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and Honor products as well.

In  [Read More…]

Google might be working on its own chips, recent hire indicates

Apple is doing it, and so are Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi and soon Google could too. At least according to a report coming out of Variety, which claims the Mountain View-based technology giant is looking to start making custom chips for its future Pixel products. You see, Google recently hired Manu Gulati, an Apple micro-architect […]

You can now revisit your previous Google searches in the Recent tab

Can’t remember the name of that restaurant you stumbled upon while searching for something completely unrelated? Google has your back. The search giant has been testing the Recent tab for quite some time, but this week it seems the feature is going live for most users on the Google app beta release. You can check […]

With its recent update, the Pixel is now almost perfect

A small update makes a big difference.

A lot of people were very upset by a fairly big omission in the Pixel’s Android 7.1-based Nougat software when it first came out: the fact that, unlike the Nexus 6P, the phone’s useful ambient display didn’t magically appear whenever the phone was picked up. It seemed like a strange thing to leave out given the phone’s lineage, but I am happy to say that with build NPF26J, first  [Read More…]

Snapseed update makes it easy to copy recent edits between images

A fresh update is rolling out to photo editing app Snapseed, bringing along an easier way to apply the same edits across multiple photos. Thanks to the latest update, users can now carry over edits made on the last saved photo to a new one. You can see a quick clip of the process in action below.

Of course, this update contains a bit more worth noting. Here’s the full breakdown, from Snapseed:

Apply Last Edits  [Read More…]

Nest CEO Tony Fadell reportedly defends division during recent Google meeting

Recent press reports of trouble at Alphabet’s Nest subsidiary apparently got so bad that its CEO, Tony Fadell, reportedly made a rare appearance earlier this month at an all-hands meeting at Google.

According to Re/code, Fadell showed up at Google’s “TGIF” meeting on April 1. His appearance came after earlier, but unconfirmed, reports that claimed sales of Nest’s smart devices came in below Google’s expectations in 2015. There have also been claims that Fadell has a poor management style.

  [Read More…]

Android N’s Recent apps key has grown a bunch of awesome new features

The Recents key in the Android N Developer Preview makes it quicker and easier than ever to jump between tasks.

The Recents key — the square you see in the bottom-right corner of most Android phones — is a staple of the OS, letting you see a card-deck of recently-used apps. In the Android N Developer Preview, along with the new split-screen view for phones and tablets, the Recents key becomes more useful than ever before,  [Read More…]

An update on recent updates to the Android Central App

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. If you’re not yet using the one and only Android Central App — that’d be our official app on Android for reading about Android — it’s time to take another look. We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes the past six months or so.

The biggest change, of course, was an major refresh to Material Design. And we’re not 100 percent done with that yet, either. That pesky swiping carousel  [Read More…]