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This discounted Panasonic kit has 12 rechargeable batteries and a charger

Plenty of rechargeable batteries and the charger to keep them powered up.

The Panasonic eneloop CC55 Quick Charger Kit is down to $ 34.99 at B&H. The same kit goes for over $ 45 on Amazon when in stock at all. This is part of B&H’s DealZone, so the price won’t last past today.

The kit comes with eight AA batteries, four AAA batteries, and an advanced Quick Charge 3-hour battery charger all in one package. Each  [Read More…]

Keep your gear powered up with this 4-pack of rechargeable batteries for $8

Rechargeable batteries ensure you’re never out of juice when you need it!

It never hurts to have extra batteries on hand, and right now this 4-pack of AmazonBasics rechargeable AA batteries is on sale for $ 7.64. These batteries normally sell around $ 11, and even though they fluctuate a lot in price they’ve only dropped below $ 8 a few times in the past. Other batteries like AAA batteries are discounted right now too.

Speaking from  [Read More…]

Keep your devices powered up with four $9 rechargeable AA batteries

No more worrying about remotes or controllers.

These four AmazonBasics AA rechargeable batteries are down to $ 9.27. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen in more than a year, and they usually sell for around $ 11 or more.

This is part of a larger sale on Amazon taking up to 25% off select AmazonBasics electronics and accessories. The sale also includes a lower capacity four-pack of AA batteries down to $ 7.55. That’s the lowest ever  [Read More…]

Grab 12 eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries for less than $18

No more battery shopping!

This 12-pack of Panasonic eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries is only $ 17.45 on Amazon. This is a daily deal that is exclusive to Prime members. These batteries normally sell for around $ 25 or more and have gone as high as $ 30. The lowest they have gone in the last year is $ 22, so this is the best drop we’ve ever seen.

Each battery has 800mAh and a 2100 cycle, which  [Read More…]

Grab four AAA eneloop rechargeable batteries with a charger for $19

Keep em charged, all the time!

The 4-pack of Panasonic AAA eneloop 2100 Cycle rechargeable batteries with charger is down to $ 18.76 on Amazon. This pack normally sells for around $ 23 to $ 25, and this is the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Each battery has 800mAh and a 2100 cycle, which means they can be recharged up to 2100 times. They will maintain their charge for a long time (up to 10 years) when  [Read More…]

This Tacklife USB rechargeable electric arc lighter is only $10

A safe and easy way to light things on fire.

This Tacklife USB-rechargeable electric arc lighter is down to $ 10.12 with code TEKPK6SU on Amazon. In January this lighter was selling as high as $ 19. It has since dropped down to around the $ 13 price, but this code brings it down to an even more fantastic low price.

This arc lighter is very similar to a model we’ve shared many deals on before, except  [Read More…]

Best Rechargeable Batteries

We always need batteries, especially around the holidays. The best bet is to go rechargeable.

Whether it’s a kid’s new toy, your games console controller or even just the TV remote, you always need batteries. If you’re a parent, you always need a small mountain of batteries.

Especially as you enter the busy holiday period when more time is spent at home and gifts are exchanged, your stockpile will be put under more pressure than usual. One  [Read More…]

Never be without light again thanks to this rechargeable extremely bright $10 flashlight

Flashlights are something that everyone should have at least one of in their home or with them while out camping, but many of us forget to buy them or check if the ones we have even work. There are few things worse than needing a flashlight only to find out that the one you have is dead or broken.

Right now you can pick up OxyLED’s super bright LED flashlight bundle for $ 10 at Amazon with coupon code OXMD50PL,  [Read More…]

Get a rechargeable Saberlight Plasma lighter for only $15.95

It’s the 21st century, why the heck are you still using traditional flame lighters? Electricity-generated plasma beams are much hotter and cleaner than a butane flame, plus it’s also windproof and splash proof so you’ll be able to get something lit no matter the weather.

Save 84% off the Saberlight Rechargable Plasma Lighter! Learn More

If this sounds like an amazing invention, you’re going to love this deal from Android Central Digital Offers! You can get a Saberlight  [Read More…]

SunLabz Rechargeable AA Battery Bundle

If you’re tired of burning through packs upon packs of batteries just to end up tossing them out into the garbage, it’s time for a better solution. Just think about all of the batteries you’ve discarded, eating away at our environment and multiply that by the billions of people on the planet. See the problem? There’s a simple solution. You could save money and reduce your footprint by switching to rechargeable batteries.

This SunLabz Rechargeable AA Battery Bundle comes with an  [Read More…]