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Philo now has a referral program so you and a friend can save some cash on streaming TV

There’s no limit on the number of referrals you can get each month.

Streaming upstart Philo today announced a referral program. Every time someone signs up using your individual referral code, you’ll get a $ 5 credit on your bill, and your friend will get $ 5 off their first month.

Philo is a low-cost streaming service that has a limited number of channels but also tops out at $ 20 a  [Read More…]

OnePlus introduces “Referral program” for old and new shoppers

The OnePlus 5 is one of the most anticipated phones expected to arrive this summer and ahead of the grand announcement the Chinese company introduced its own Referral program. Now if you purchase a OnePlus smartphone (or you bought one in the past) you’ll receive a promo code which you can send your friends or […]

OnePlus rolls out a referral program ahead of OnePlus 5 launch

Save some cash on OnePlus accessories with its referral program.

OnePlus is launching a referral program ahead of the launch of its next flagship. To be eligible, you should have purchased a OnePlus smartphone directly from the company’s website in the past. To register, you’ll need to head to the referral page and click the Get your sharable link button to get a unique code that you can share with your friends and family.

Once they use the link  [Read More…]

Google’s new Project Fi referral program awards $20 credit for each new subscriber

Are you a Project Fi subscriber who knows someone who is using a Nexus or a Pixel phone? Then why not recommend they join Project Fi, as well? Google is going to make it worth for you. The search giant has just introduced a new referral program for Project Fi, which aims to bring more

Project Fi referral system offers you (and them) $20 for signing up

Pick up a nice little bill credit for referring friends to join Project Fi.

Google likes to give you little tips about your account when you open up the Project Fi app, and now you’re going to start seeing a reminder to “refer a friend.” It’s really simple: just tap “refer a friend” in the app, and you’ll see a unique code. When someone signs up using that code, both you and the person you referred get $ 20  [Read More…]

Republic Wireless bringing back referral program

The Moto G will be joining the Moto X later this week at Republic Wireless, but before that happens they’re bringing back their Refer a Friend program. The Wi-Fi-happy carrier has partner is partnering with FriendBuy to offer customers up to $ 20 in account credit for referrals who are customers for at least 30 days. And the referred customer too will get $ 20 credit too.

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New Google Apps referral program will pay $15 for each new user that signs up

Program now available to U.S. and Canadian based businesses

Google has started a program that rewards folks spreading the news about Google Apps today. If you’re a business who is successfully using Google Apps and want to spread the good word, you now can get $ 15 per each new user through the Google Apps Referral Program.

Getting started seems simple enough — as long as you’re in the U.S. or Canada. Head to the program’s  [Read More…]