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Turn your regular desk into a standing desk with these great risers

Sitting at a desk all day can be a real pain in the rear, and even with an expensive, comfortable office chair, standing while working has its share of benefits. While you can always purchase a new standing desk with built-in mechanics, adding a riser to your existing desk is usually cheaper and provides a bit more flexibility when it comes to where and when you can use it. Here’s what we recommend.

Removable keyboard tray FlexiSpot M2B 35-inch riser  [Read More…]

Your next Android phone should actually receive regular software updates

One of the biggest reasons to buy a Google Pixel (or even an iPhone) is because of the frequent software updates. Not just major platform updates, either; just as important are the regular security updates that keep your phone from being vulnerable to exploits and tidy up minor bugs. While there are exceptions, most other Android phones don’t receive those updates nearly as often as a Pixel.

According to confidential documents obtained by The Verge, though, that may  [Read More…]

How to use Samsung DeX from a regular USB-C hub

Don’t spend money you don’t have to.

While it may not be the main attraction of the Galaxy series, Samsung’s DeX is a great way to expand your phone onto a full desktop interface. These are still the same mobile apps you know and (hopefully) love, but on a bigger screen. That sounds awful on paper, but each app gets its own window, there’s a Windows-like desktop launcher you can fill with icons, and there’s a taskbar  [Read More…]

Google’s now forcing OEMs to update devices with ‘regular’ security patches

Good move, Google.

Google I/O is always home to a lot of announcements, and while the biggest ones usually come from the opening keynote, there are little nuggets to be found throughout the smaller breakout sessions over the week.

As spotted by 9to5Google, there was one particularly interesting statement that came out of Google’s “What’s new in Android security” talk.

During it, David Kleidermacher, Android’s head of security, said the following:

We’ve also worked on building security  [Read More…]

Android O hidden features: The big and small changes for regular users

There’s more to Android O than the big new developer features Google’s talking about publicly.

Any new Android release is a big deal. And new developer preview build, as landed recently for Android O, inevitably has fans scrambling to find new features lurking just below the surface. In addition to big sweeping changes affecting the people who make Android apps, there are dozens of smaller updates and additions waiting to be discovered.

We’ve rounded up some of  [Read More…]

These are the phones that receive regular security patches, according to Google

Pixels, a lot of Nexus devices, and a few names that are a welcome addition.

In its 2016 Android security year in review post, Google highlighted steps it has taken over the course of the year to thrawt malware and malicious apps on the Play Store. The company said that only 0.05% of apps downloaded from the Play Store in 2016 had a Potentially Harmful Application, down from 0.15% in 2015. Verify Apps — which periodically scans  [Read More…]

Gaming is a regular activity for most of you [poll follow-up]

In last week’s poll we asked How much time you spend gaming. Spending your time playing video games no longer requires having the best PC available, or even a console to play on, as anyone hooked on Angry Birds can tell you. With games more available than ever, we want to know how of your time is spent enjoying them.

Sliding into first place, is “I play at least an hour each day” with  [Read More…]

What gives the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge an ‘edge’ over the regular S6?

What do you get with that higher price tag on the Galaxy S6 edge, and is it worth it?

Samsung is making some bold moves this year, and the Galaxy S6 line of devices is unlikely to be the only place we see such sweeping changes. Both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge represent not only a new hardware design language, but a refined software experience that most of us here are more than  [Read More…]

Sony SmartWatch 3 to sport stainless steel and support regular watch straps

It looks like Sony is kicking off 2015 by removing as many potential objections to the SmartWatch 3 design as possible. The one real negative against Sony’s first Android Wear effort was its comparatively plain design and no support for third party watch bands. Sony’s answer to users who want a classier design and the ability to add their own band is to release both a stainless steel version of the watch  [Read More…]

How much bigger is the LG G Watch R than a regular watch?

Not very. Though that depends which regular watch you’re looking at.

On the left is what I would consider a large watch – or it sure is compared to others that I own – and on the right of course is the LG G Watch R. The G Watch R is a little bigger and a little thicker, but it’s not perhaps quite as big as some images would lead you to believe.

Whether it’s your  [Read More…]