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Bill Gates skeptical of regulators breaking up tech giants

What you need to know Bill Gates expressed skepticism toward the idea of breaking up tech giants in a new interview. Speaking to Bloomberg, Gates came out more in favor of regulating bad practices, stating that he only sees a “narrow set of things” that he thinks a break up would be the “right answer to.” Gates’ comments come after the U.S. government announced an antitrust probe of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.

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EU’s antitrust regulators expected to set a record fine for Google this week

European Union’s ruling may change the way Google displays its advertisements across the web.

Google has been in a long legal battle in the European Union over its Adsense for Search platform. The “statements of objections” were initially filed last year over Google’s practice of having an unfair advantage in the ad wars by preventing third-party websites and platforms from showing competitor’s ads. Now, the EU’s antitrust regulators are ready to settle on a penalty for the search company.

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Google crushes EU regulator’s antitrust arguments against Android

The Google strikes back.

Google is hitting back against European Commission claims that by bundling all of its apps and services with most Android phones, Google is exhibiting antitrust tendencies.

On its blog today, Google’s SVP and General Counsel, Kent Walker, penned a four-step rebuttal, claiming that not only is Android competitive in Europe, but it has made the market more so since its release in 2008. Says Walker:

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EU antitrust regulators are now going after Google’s ad business

European Union antitrust regulators have sent two “statements of objections” to Google over its Adsense for Search platform, accusing the search giant of abusing its position by preventing third-party websites from showing ads from its competitors.

With Adsense for Search, Google gives third-party sites access to a custom search bar powered by Google Search, and in return shows ads next to the search results. Revenue from ads clicked on the site is shared between Google and  [Read More…]

Regulators looking at possible stock manipulation in Samsung buying BlackBerry rumors

When it was rumored that Samsung was in talks to purchase BlackBerry last month, one of the major side-effects was that BlackBerry‘s stock price skyrocketed. Now, regulators from both the U.S. and Canada are reportedly investigating trading activity around the time of the rumor in order to ascertain whether it was started to profit from the resulting surge in BlackBerry’s stock price.

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Facebook draws ire of UK regulators over secret news feed study

Facebook is being investigated by UK regulators over concerns that the social network may have infringed on data protection laws in the country. This is a follow-up to findings that the social network conducted experiments on some of its user base without prior permission.