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Motorola releases camera tuner app for Moto X4 rather than separate camera app

Companies releasing apps to the Play Store is nothing new. It’s a great way to update core parts of a device’s functionality without resorting to full fledged system updates. Features can be added and bugs can fixed quickly and easily in between system updates.

However, the camera is usually an exception. Motorola has tried uploading multiple camera apps that are each compatible with different devices, but this turned out to be messy. To circumvent this with the Moto X4, Motorola  [Read More…]

Nougat for Moto X Pure Edition coming ‘soon’, Motorola releases Android 7.0 kernel source

Android 8.0 to be released this month; Moto X Pure Edition to get 7.0 “soon”

As Google gears up for the imminent Android 8.0 release, Motorola has released the Android 7.0 kernel source for the 2015 Moto X Pure Edition, also known as the Moto X Style elsewhere in the world (via Android Police). The Nougat update was originally promised for the device in April of this year, some eight months after Android 7.0 was made available to manufacturers.  [Read More…]

Google releases Android O Developer Preview 3 for Pixels and Nexuses, OTAs starting soon

Get on that latest build.

Just a month after releasing the second Android O Developer Preview, we now have the third Dev Preview release — which importantly marks final APIs and an official SDK for developers to build apps for Android O. For the non-developers among us, it also means we get a better look at Android O in a closer-to-complete state in terms of interface and features.

Though we expected the third Dev Preview to land  [Read More…]

Norton releases new security device for home WiFi

Keeping data safe on our computers and smartphones is a worry that concerns millions of people in the 21st century. There is a major fear that many of our technological devices are easily hackable, and that a cybercriminal could gain access to our precious information, seemingly at any time. However, there are ways to protect […]

Spotify may restrict major album releases to its paid subscribers

No word on which record companies would be a part of the deal.

And so it begins: The Financial Times reports that Spotify is looking to restrict major album releases from some of the major record labels as an incentive to lower its royalty fees.

The ploy is apparently in response to the company’s IPO ambitions—Spotify can’t make money off free listeners, and it needs to be making money to legitimize its place on the stock market.  [Read More…]

Google releases the lists of top-selling Google Play Store apps of all time

Google proudly announced this week that its Play Store just turned 5. The search giant opened the gates to its digital shop on March 6, 2012 and since then the Play Store has services more than 1 billion users spread around in more than 190 countries. Currently the Store contains millions of apps, 40 million […]

Verizon finally releases Nougat for the Galaxy S7

Verizon’s update means the Big Four have all brought their Galaxy S7 into Nougat country.

The Nougat update for your Verizon Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge is available for downloading. If you haven’t received a notification about its availability yet, you can manually check through the device settings and you should be good to go. For a refresher on what to expect with Nougat on the S7, we’ve got a handy video!

Verizon reminds  [Read More…]

Samsung releases the Tab S3, Galaxy Book 10.6″ and 12″

As you probably by this point, Mobile World Congress 2017 is well under way over in Barcelona, Spain. We’ve seen announcements from LG, Motorola, and more at the industry’s largest trade show. Samsung took the stage today not to release the new Galaxy S8, but the Tab 3 and Samsung Galaxy Book. Samsung Galaxy Tab […]

LG finally releases the oft leaked G6. Here’s everything you need to know

This morning in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2017, LG finally gave us our first official look at the G6. The successor to last year’s G5 has some big shoes to fill after the disappointment that was the modular mess of 2016. LG is shooting for the moon this year and taking some chances. Here’s […]

Microsoft releases Project Rome SDK for Android

Easily control your Windows 10 devices with just your Android smartphone.

Ever wish you could control your PC from your Android device without having to finagle some third-party app you found in the Play Store? Microsoft’s Project Rome SDK aims to help with the multi-device life that many of us live on the daily.

Project Rome for Android is now available to let you connect to your Android devices. It’s limited at the moment, so you can  [Read More…]