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Best Android Phone With Removable Battery

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Best overall LG V20

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The V20 is now a year old, and is no longer LG’s top-of-the-line smartphone, but it’s still quite good. With plenty of power, including a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM, along with awesome camera and audio features, the V20 delivers in spades. What’s more: it’s the only remaining high-end phone  [Read More…]

Samsung can win the hearts of its Galaxy Note loyalists by bringing back the removable battery while giving us 6GB RAM, 256GB Memory and a 4K display

I wrote an editorial yesterday about how I am still using my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it still hasn’t exploded. The commenters in that post have inspired me to follow it up with another editorial. I no longer feel alone as a Note loyalist. Deep down, I have been a loyal Note fan since

Best Android Phone With Removable Battery

There’s something to be said about removable batteries. They just save you time, which is often worth a lot! If you’re looking for the best phone with a removable battery, the LG V20 is your best bet.

Best overall LG V20

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Note: The LG V20 isn’t widely available in the U.S. at the time of writing, but should be shortly. Nevertheless, we’ve used a pre-production unit for long enough  [Read More…]

LG G5’s Magic Slot removable battery pictured ahead of launch

The battery module, which is expected to be part of the company’s Magic Slot family of expansion accessories for the LG G5, has been pictured ahead of release. We’re only a few days away from seeing the LG G5 be officially announced, but already we have an idea as to what the modules will look like. The leaked pictures fit in comfortably with previous rumors and leaked information.

Unfortunately, that’s all we really have to  [Read More…]

A Galaxy S7 with an SD card slot could mean more than just removable storage

New features in Android 6.0 Marshmallow could put more usefulness into the Galaxy S7’s rumored SD card slot — and hurt sales of higher-capacity phones.

In a year of sweeping changes to Samsung’s mobile lineup, one of the more controversial moves was the elimination of removable storage — the humble microSD slot — from the Galaxy S6 family of devices. At the time, Samsung insisted that most Galaxy owners didn’t use the microSD slot, and thus  [Read More…]

New leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Is the back panel removable?

The two most important questions to most Samsung Galaxy Note fans who are awaiting the next iteration are:

1. Is there a removable battery?

2. Is there a MicroSD card slot?

The Samsung Galaxy Note line is easily the most functional Android device. Not only was it the phone that pioneered larger screens, it also is the only phone to implement a stylus that actually works well. I’m a huge proponent of the Galaxy Note line as it always sets the  [Read More…]

Cyanogen’s Microsoft deal includes removable apps and ‘contextual’ suggestions

As details emerge, the Cyanogen/Microsoft deal isn’t nearly as cringeworthy as many originally suspected.

There aren’t a whole lot of Android users out there who enjoy seeing the words “Microsoft apps included” when it comes to their devices — and this goes back a long, long way — and power users who use CyanogenMod and Cyanogen OS are more likely than most to react negatively to that sort of partnership. As a result, news that Cyanogen and Microsoft  [Read More…]

Verizon’s LG G3 has a removable battery

yup the LG G3 on Verizon has a removable battery pic.twitter.com/udDKMIJ1D5

— Albert Aydin (@VZWalbert) July 14, 2014

Let there be no more confusion about that.