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OnePlus 5/5T Open Beta removes Clipboard app, adds iPhone X-like gestures

R.I.P Clipboard 💀

The OnePlus 5 and 5T are receiving their second OxygenOS Open Beta update this month, and while there are a few added features and bug fixes, OnePlus is also removing something that it just added a couple weeks ago – its Clipboard app.

A new Clipboard function was added to the OnePlus 5/5T with an OxygenOS Open Beta on January 16, and it introduced a pop-up window that appeared whenever copying text on the  [Read More…]

Google removes private medical records from search results

Personal medical records are supposed to stay between you and your doctor, but in a digital age that’s not always what happens.

Healthcare systems get hacked, insurance providers suffer massive data breaches, and clerical errors lead to medical records being put up online for the world to see, and more importantly search for. Keeping your medical records private is something protected by law in many parts of the world, including HIPAA privacy laws in the United States, so it  [Read More…]

Barnes & Noble removes malware from $50 Nook tablet, but you still shouldn’t buy it

The update may remove the part where your data goes back to China, but everything else is bad and unchanged.

About that $ 50 Barnes & Noble tablet. You might have heard that researchers working with Linux Journal found that the BNTV450 shipped from the factory with the same malware that phones from Blu and other companies that use a MediaTek processor had. It’s called ADUPS and it was configured to literally harvest your personal data  [Read More…]

Huge Pokémon Go update adds avatar re-customization, removes Pokémon footprints

You can’t argue with bug fixes … but some won’t like the removable of footprints.

Pokémon Go is picking up a big update today on Android that makes a couple of big changes to the game experience and joins with them a pile of bug fixes. The big change that’s rubbing players the wrong way is that now you’ll no longer see “footprints” of nearby Pokémon, meaning you won’t be able  [Read More…]

Android Auto update removes interaction limit on Google Play Music when your car is parked

Android Auto, since launch, has always limited user interactions with the screen to just six taps. That is, until today, when an Android Auto app update made a big improvement by letting you interact with your Google Play Music as much as you want … so long as your car is parked.

After being alerted to the improvement by Ryan Warner over on Twitter, we’ve confirmed on our end that the latest update does indeed remove  [Read More…]

Amazon removes device encryption from Fire OS 5 update

As the Apple/FBI encryption story continues to rage on, Amazon finds itself in a spotlight of its own.

The latest updates to Fire OS 5 which is pushing out to previous generation products is greeting Fire device owners with an unwelcome message that device encryption is being removed.


Amazon is but one of the company’s that has joined an amicus brief alongside Apple, yet removing encryption from its own devices.

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PushBullet introduces paid Pro service, removes some free features

Popular Android app PushBullet is going pro.

If you haven’t been introduced to PushBullet yet, you’re missing out. With PushBullet you’re able to push files, links and messages back and forth from your computer with optional end-to-end encryption. In addition to those features, your notifications will show up within your browser and allow you to act on them. If you get an email that you have no interest in, you can easily delete it from a prompt that pops up.  [Read More…]

Neil Young removes his songs from streaming services, says they offer ‘worst audio in history’

Classic rocker Neil Young doesn’t like how his songs sound on streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music and others. That’s the reason why he has made the decision to remove his song library from those services.

Sprint quickly removes 600 kbps streaming video limit from new ‘All-in’ plan

With videos of David Beckham clouding everyone’s vision, Sprint quietly introduced a rather odd limitation on its new $ 80 “All-in” plan — a 600 kbps streaming video speed limit at all times. Well it took less than a day for Sprint to back off on that clearly poor decision, and tonight put up a blog post explaining that it had chosen to remove the limitation based on “customer feedback.”

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Android M removes the Google Now Launcher folder limit

Up until now, the maximum number of apps you could have in a folder with the Google Now Launcher was 16, 4 rows by 4 columns. But, with Android M came a new version of the Google Now Launcher which has changed things up a little.

Folders now have pages that horizontally scroll from left to right, removing the limit of 16 apps within a folder. In fact, there now doesn’t actually seem to be a limit of the number  [Read More…]