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Google Assistant gears up to replace Chrome’s Voice Search

It’s a move that makes a lot of sense.

What you need to know Google plans to replace the built-in Chrome for Android Voice Search with Assistant. The upcoming change was spotted in a Chromium commit. It’s expected to debut in Chrome 85, scheduled for September.

Google is making a common-sense decision to simplify its voice offerings on mobile. Courtesy of comments made on a Chromium commit, it has become clear that the firm is planning to  [Read More…]

Ultrasound sensors could soon replace physical buttons on your phone

Get ready for phones (and everything else) with no buttons at all

What you need to know New ultrasound sensors from Ultrasense are tiny, self-contained switches that work anywhere. Ultrasound switches could replace buttons, allowing for simpler, seamless design. Ultrasense says that the requirements of 5G antennas are better managed with ultrasound buttons.

Tiny new ultrasound switches may soon come to … well, everything if a report from our friends over at Android Authority comes to fruition.  [Read More…]

Alter, replace, or blur your background imagery with XSplit VCam, now $20

You no longer need to be picked up by a major studio or entertainment conglomerate in order to broadcast your latest and greatest idea. Independent video bloggers can now earn millions of dollars while broadcasting from their own home, and with minimal equipment.

But if you want to bring your videos to the next level, you need an XSplit VCam subscription, which allows you to seamlessly remove, replace, and blur your background without having to use a green  [Read More…]

Need to replace your Note 10 S Pen? Here’s where to get one

Best Answer: The best place to get a replacement Note 10 or 10+ S Pen is from Samsung. They’re only available for pre-order right now, but the company will likely start selling them on Aug. 23 when the phones release.

Take note: Galaxy Note 10/10+ S Pen ($ 30 at Samsung) The wonderful S Pen

If your stylus has gone missing or is broken, then you’re missing out on many of the conveniences afforded by the Note  [Read More…]

How to replace a PlayStation 4 controller battery

Buying new controllers when your controller stops working can get expensive. One first culprits you should suspect should be the controller’s battery. Fortunately, batteries are cheap and easy to replace. We have the guide you need to make that job a snap.

Products used in this guide Replace and repower: DualShock 4 1st Gen replacement battery ($ 13 at Amazon) Repower the new hotness: DualShock 4 2nd Gen replacement battery ($ 12+shipping at Amazon) Tools of the trade:  [Read More…]

You can replace the DualShock 4 battery if you need to

Best answer: Yes. You can replace the internal battery in a DualShock 4 controller, but because this is not intended it will void your warranty and it’s trickier than replacing a normal battery.

Do it yourself: 1300mAh LIP1522 Battery Replacement ($ 12 at Amazon) Get new hardware: DualShock 4 controller ($ 47 at Amazon) Charge it up: Anker Powerline Micro-USB Charging Cable ($ 6 at Amazon) Is the DualShock 4 battery intended to be replaced?

No. Unlike  [Read More…]

Replace your peephole with Ring’s latest Door View Cam for $199

Ring first announced the Door View Cam back at CES 2019, and said that it was coming later this year. Well, if you’ve been one of the many who are anxiously awaiting the product, your time has come. The Ring Door View Cam is now officially available at Amazon, Ring, and select other retailers for $ 199. The appeal of the Door View Cam is pretty simple; it replaces your existing peephole and doesn’t require any drilling or electrical to  [Read More…]

Can you replace the battery in your Oculus Quest?

Best Answer: No, you cannot. The Oculus Quest battery should only be removed or replaced by an Oculus professional.

Untethered VR experience: Oculus Quest (From $ 399 on Amazon) Basic VR experience: Oculus Go (From $ 199 on Amazon) Repairing old batteries

A major issue with all mobile devices is having to replace the battery. Integrated batteries are not like your standard AAs where you can just swap a new one in whenever you’d like. It typically  [Read More…]

How to replace your Gear Fit2 Pro band

If you’re looking to switch up your look or replace a worn-out Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro band, the process is luckily very easy, since compatible bands simply snap into place. Once you get the hang of it, you might just want to keep several bands on-hands just to switch things up!

Products used in this guide Samsung’s fitness tracker: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro ($ 153) The perfect workout band: VIGOSS Soft Silicone Watch Band ($ 12) How to  [Read More…]

Why a Chromebook still cannot replace my Windows laptop

When Chromebooks were first released I scoffed. As a content creator, there was no way a machine that was little more than a browser could replace my everyday computer. However, over the years there have been some changes. Both in the area of Chromebooks and in my personal usage.

For starters, I no longer do any video editing. This, as readers may know, requires massive amounts of storage space, high-end specs, and specialized software. Secondly, Chromebooks have evolved and now  [Read More…]