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Huawei begins trademarking its Android replacement OS — HongMeng

The trademark’s been filed in Canada, the European Union, Mexico, and more.

What you need to know Huawei has filed to trademark its Android replacement OS, HongMeng. It’s been trademarked in more than 10 countries. The first devices with HongMeng are expected to launch in October.

It appears the launch of Huawei’s Android replacement, HongMeng, is getting closer. Recently, the second largest smartphone maker in the world began filing to trademark the OS in a handful of  [Read More…]

Best Replacement Batteries for Oculus Quest Controllers in 2019

The Oculus Quest supports two Touch Controllers, and each of these requires a single AA battery. The Touch Controllers are the only part of the Oculus Quest that requires you to swap anything out. The headset itself charges through USB-C and there’s no need for external sensors. The Touch Controllers don’t drain a charge nearly as quickly as the headset, but you need to have a way to keep them charged. To keep your Touch Controllers up and running, you’ll  [Read More…]

Best replacement AC adapters for PlayStation VR

Playing games is what we do, every single day. We spend hundreds of hours deep in VR to bring you the very best accessories and games for you to use with your favorite headsets.

The Old Skool AC adapter is everything you need to replace a broken or lost PlayStation VR AC adapter. The cables are long enough to give you plenty of room to maneuver.

Our pick Old Skool AC adapter for PSVR

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Where to get a replacement charger for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Best answer: The best place to find a replacement charger for your Galaxy Watch Active is either Amazon or Samsung. Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo or Pad Slim are sure to keep your Watch Active charged up.

Duo Charger: Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad ($ 100 at Amazon) Slim Charging Pad: Samsung Wireless Charger Pad Slim ($ 15 at Amazon) The Best Watch: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active ($ 200 at Amazon) Dual-Charger or Slim

For some odd reason,  [Read More…]

Best Replacement Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Being active doesn’t mean you should skimp out on looking fashionable! The Galaxy Watch Active is great for you fitness folks out there, but you’re going to want a replacement band that does two things: make you look super trendy, and doesn’t leave your wrist feeling as though it’s being drowned in sweat.

Fashionable patterns for all Honecumi Rubber Sport Band

Staff pick

The Honecumi sports band not only comes in a variety of different colors such  [Read More…]

Get a new replacement strap for your Fossil Sport

Your Fossil Sport smartwatch deserves your love, attention, and the promise to keep it well-preserved and looked after. Fossil pairs some pretty sturdy silicone straps with the Sport, but replacement straps for your smartwatch is always a good thing to have, whether for practical use, fashion, or something else entirely.

Pin and tuck LittleForest Fossil Sport Replacement Strap

Best 18mm band

Rather than using a traditional buckle style, the LittleForest strap uses its many perforations as holes  [Read More…]

The best replacement bands for the Skagen Falster 2

The Skagen Falster 2 is one of the best-looking Android smartwatches around, with its stunning display, smooth digital crown, and exposed lugs. But if you’re tired of the standard watch band, here are some fashionable and inexpensive alternatives.

Breathable and comfy Fintie Skagen Falster 2 20mm Replacement Strap

Staff pick

Simple to assemble, the Fintie Skagen Falster 2 replacement band is made from a steel mesh that has small loops to make the band more breathable and  [Read More…]

Best Replacement Bands for TicWatch E2 and S2

The straps on your Ticwatch E2 and S2 should already be pretty sturdy, but if you’re the kind of person who values being prepared and looking good, no matter the situation, then having some extra straps for your watch might be the way to go. Of course, it isn’t just about making a fashion statement. These straps will be useful in case of damage, or if you’re looking for a more comfortable fit than the straps that you’ve got now.

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DJI now sells replacement phone adapters for the Osmo Pocket

Best answer: Right now if you lose your smartphone adapter for the Osmo Pocket you’ll need to head to the DJI Store for a replacement.

DJI: Osmo Pocket Lightning adapter ($ 19) DJI: Osmo Pocket USB-C adapter ($ 15) DJI now offers replacement adapters

The Osmo Pocket handheld camera has become more easily available, so DJI has increased the amount of accessories you can buy for it. Most importantly — at least for the purposes of this  [Read More…]

The best replacement straps for the TicWatch Pro

The TicWatch Pro is one hell of a product, but like most watches, the straps can get worn from time to time. It’s a natural occurrence, but that doesn’t stop it from being annoying. Fortunately, these straps can be replaced. Finding the right one for you may vary, but the best straps out there are one, adjustable, and two, made of the right material that won’t leave you writing an angry review two weeks later after it’s fallen to pieces.

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