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Google I/O 2017 report card: Successes, failures and no-shows

Has Google made good on the promises from last year?

Google’s annual developer keynote is a fantastic spectacle. New things are announced every couple of minutes, ranging from developer tools to new apps to hardware you can purchase moments after seeing it for the first time. It’s a lot of fun, but with so many ideas flying your way it can be easy to forget what actually launched successfully and what hasn’t yet come to pass.

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Android P to get ‘overhaul’ and feature deeper Google Assistant, report indicates

Google should begin teasing its next version of Android in the coming weeks and months. Bloomberg tells us what we might expect.

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Carrier report card: How we rated the Big Four U.S. networks in 2017

See who passed, who failed, and who needs to stay after class when it comes to the Big Four.

As part of any year-end roundup worth its salt, it’s time for a look at how the companies who provide our phone service did over the last 12 months.

For most people, talking about a cell phone provider is not sitting high on a list of interesting things. And that’s great, maybe even the way it should be.  [Read More…]

Consumers favor software updates over buying new phones, report suggests

Is the new annual flagship smartphone worth your hard-earned money, or is your older phone worth a second look? According to a new report coming out of the New York Post, it seems customers these days prefer getting a software update packed with new features, rather than invest towards a new phone. The rising trend […]

Nougat usage nearly in double digits in latest Android platform distribution report

Google’s latest Android platform distribution numbers are in, and they’re just about what you’d expect.

The June 2017 Android distribution stats reveal which versions of Android were used to access the Play Store during the seven-day period ending on June 5. During this time, Android Nougat (7.0 and 7.1) was present on 9.5 percent of devices, which is up from the 7.1 percent of devices that it was on last month.


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Verizon takes top spot in latest RootMetrics nationwide report

Another carrier report, another win for Verizon… but the gap is closing

T-Mobile’s been jumping up and down claiming it’s the best network now, pointing to an OpenSignal report in some of its most recent bragging. This week, we have another report from RootMetrics, which claims, as it has claimed for a while now, that Verizon is still top dog nationally in each of their six categories. So, who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s best? Who’s worst?

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Report claims Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploded because they were too big

Instrumental report says there wasn’t sufficient clearance between the battery and its enclosure, and manufacturing tolerances led to the battery being squeezed.

Ever since the late Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was withdrawn from sale, there has been no shortage of theories — both legitimate and dubious — about exactly what caused the phone’s battery to go boom. Samsung originally blamed a battery cell issue in cells from one supplier, however the second recall and subsequent cancellation  [Read More…]

Fitbit wants to buy Pebble, report says

Acquisitions happen all the time, Microsoft purchased Nokia a few years back and Samsung acquired Harman not so long ago. Larger conglomerates absorb smaller companies, while still allowing them to produce products under their own unique brands. And soon we’re going to see something similar happen in the world of wearables. According to a report

Note 7: Samsung obtains hazardous materials permit for defective phones, CPSC investigating Southwest plane report

Details emerge of how Samsung will retrieve more than 100,000 potentially dangerous phones. Meanwhile, the U.S. authorities are investigating a reported fire involving a ‘new’ Note 7.

With the Galaxy Note 7 recall progressing, and Samsung resuming sales in the U.S. and South Korea, we’re starting to learn exactly how Samsung will get some of the unsold Note 7s in the U.S. back to its Korean headquarters. Fierce Wireless reports that Samsung has obtained a hazardous  [Read More…]

Samsung to limit recalled Note 7s to 60% battery in Korea as report blames ‘production error’

OTA will mitigate the risk of explosions by limiting battery charge. Meanwhile a preliminary report to Korean regulators blames production error which “placed pressure on plates” in battery cells.

While Samsung won’t be remotely disabling recalled Galaxy Note 7s anytime soon, it seems the company has a plan to mitigate the risk of further battery explosions — at least in its home market of Korea.

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