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Android 8.0 Oreo’s new Rescue Party tool aims to save you from bootlooping woes

Most Android fans are familiar with bootloops. The issue – which causes the phone to reboot over and over again – has been popularized by quite a few of LG’s handsets including the G4, Nexus 5X, V10, and V20. Obviously has an interest in helping solve the issue too, so in Android 8.0 Oreo you’ll […]

Never lose an important file again: Data Rescue 4 for Windows is just $49 (Deal of the Day)

You screwed up. After not backing up your files to the cloud or storing them in a secondary place, your hard drive went and failed. Now what? Do you kiss your precious memories, media, and important documents goodbye? Probably. Next time get out in front of the problem; next time make sure your files are […]

Backup, manage and rescue your Android data with our discounted software bundle

There is no question that smartphones have penetrated our daily lives at a very deep level. We use our smartphones for everything from business purposes to keeping in touch with our friends around the globe. The threat of losing all of your data on your smartphone or tablet is a real thing and can be

Make sure all your important files are backed up with the help of Genius Rescue

Let’s take a look at a scary situation. You’ve had your computer for the last three years or so, and you’ve been extremely religious about backing up all of your pictures. You have some from your wedding, or those family vacations, and some holiday pictures in there too. Obviously these are pictures that you don’t want to lose.

Well, one day, you turn your computer on, and all of a sudden it cuts itself off. There wasn’t a random power  [Read More…]

Agent 003 to the Rescue [App Review]

Agent 003 to the Rescue is all about rescue and adventure. As you may have guessed, Agent 003 takes a Bond-style approach on all his missions, with his ultimate goal being to rescue stolen pets and return them to their owners.

The game attempts to offer a unique style of gameplay and an original title. How does it stack up?


There’s minimal setup required. None, in fact. You pretty much begin playing as soon as you press the play  [Read More…]

Three UK announces ‘Three Rescue’ worry free phone insurance

UK mobile operator Three has launched a new insurance option for consumers – Three Rescue. Following a report shared by the network detailing how British smartphone owners place a value of over £1,000 on the contents of their handheld devices. The insurance starts from just £2 a month with full cover for stolen, lost or damaged smartphones.

      [Read More…]

Video: Lock your keys in the house? NFC to the rescue!

yale lock

We’re sure the Google Wallet hype is still hot among Samsung Nexus S 4G users. Purchasing bagels and coffee with your phone is great and all, but as technology evolves NFC chips will become much more handy. In the “home of the future,” things like opening a door with your NFC-enabled phone will be common. And that’s something Yale Locks & Hardware hopes to offer soon.

Yale’s Real Living locks,  [Read More…]