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Sprint retires its Unlimited Freedom plan, offers two new “unlimited” options instead

While awaiting the merger with T-Mobile, Sprint this week took the opportunity to unveil two new unlimited data plans, which will replace its single Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan.

The nation’s fourth-largest wireless provider is basically splitting its current unlimited data plan into two new plans with different data allotments and restrictions. Interestingly enough, both are still referred to as “unlimited”.

What’s the difference: Sprint Unlimited Basic vs Unlimited Plus

The first plan called Unlimited Basic is actually a watered-down version  [Read More…]

Google retires NFC Smart Lock due to low adoption rate

You’ve probably heard of Smart Lock, but once upon a time there was a feature called NFC Smart Lock. Google integrated it within Android, allowing users to use RFID tags on stickers, from under the skin, and on bank cards to unlock their Android-powered smartphones. It seemed to be a future-proofed idea at the time, […]

Sony retires ‘Walkman’ brand for its built-in music player

Once synonymous with portable music, Walkman has been one of Sony’s most iconic brands. From classic cassette-based offerings of the early 1980s to the wackier, Android-based versions of 2015, the purpose of a Walkman product is clear — it’s all about music on the go. So it wasn’t surprising to see Walkman name used in Sony’s own music app, which is preloaded on all the manufacturer’s Android smartphones. Renders of new Xperia  [Read More…]