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The Polaroid Moto Mod prints retro photos with incredible technology

Eighty years ago, a company called Polaroid sprouted from a garage not far from the current location of the MrMobile studio. The company’s founder soon developed a special polarization technology that was rapidly adopted across a slew of products ranging from desk lamps to sunglasses. That work later led to military contracts including pilot goggles, spy satellites, and a special synthetic quinine for treating malaria in troops serving in tropical regions. While that last bit sounds out of character  [Read More…]

Retro Gaming Gift Guide

Retro gaming is in after the recently released SNES and NES consoles left everyone searching like mad for the mini vintage throwbacks. Gift nostalgia this year with Team Thrifter’s list of rad gaming presents like Rose Colored game displays and the Atari Flashback 8.

Retro Game-style boxes When did publishers stop caring about boxes? Protect your gaming favorites with some custom designed retro-style cartridge boxes from Fix & Play Games. eBay  [Read More…]

Kid Chameleon – A retro blast from the blast (Review)

Overview Back in June, Sega announced it will be bringing some its best retro games to your Android handset. The company delivered what was promised and mobile users can now play games like Sonic, the Hedgehog, Comix Zone or Kid Chameleon on their phones.  At launch, Sega explained the games have been specially adapted for […]

Get your retro game fix with this Nintendo-inspired Bluetooth controller and NES Classic wireless receiver

Everything that is is old is new again. Such is the case with gaming. Both mobile and console players seem to love that throwback to the late 1980’s and early 1990’s with 8-bit and 16-bit graphics. Chiptune and synth-pop music are as popular as ever and we just can’t get enough nostalgia. Our Deal of […]

Five smartphones we’d like to see get re-released as “retro”

Keeping up with the latest in technology is great, but sometimes it’s fun go old school. You probably still think back enthusiastically about that first smartphone, the one that truly made an impression on you, thus turning you into a diehard Android fan. Well wouldn’t it be great with Android OEMs would re-release some of

Steal This Look – Give your Android a makeover in five minutes or less (Retro Gaming)

You like video games, right? Of course you do. If you’re a fan of the classic games of the 8-bit era, then this look is for you. Turn your phone into the perfect representation of the golden age of gaming, or fill your home screen with your favorite characters. Whatever way you want to do

MrMobile Retro Review: Looking back at the Nokia N-Gage

In 2003, Nokia declared war on Nintendo with the N-Gage, a Game Boy Advance lookalike with a Series 60 mobile phone inside. The conflict – to put it mildly – did not go in Nokia’s favor. With a cumbersome design that required the owner to remove the battery in order to change games, the N-Gage wasn’t exactly user-friendly, and with only a handful of available titles compared to the Game Boy Advance’s 1,200, the N-Gage ecosystem hardly justified the  [Read More…]

Retro Rugby – Gesture based, ball running fun. [Review]

Overview – Retro Rugby takes gesture-based gameplay and blends it with a sports theme, putting you in the head of a Rugby player as he sprints for the goal-line. Developer: twentysix

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Enjoy a Retro feel with Watch Face: Scooter on Android Wear

There are plenty of cute, and animated Watch Faces for Android Wear these days. Few however are quite as cute as walking around with an animated scooter telling the time on your wrist. Watch Face: Scooter on Android Wear is a great, simple watch face that gets you the details at a glance. It’s currently free on the Google Play Store and great for anybody who wants a change of pace, without having to thumb through options  [Read More…]

Electrohome: Signature Retro HiFi Stereo System: review

When I was growing up, my Dad had a pretty nice stereo system with a turntable. This was our only source of music other than the radio. My father had 100’s of albums from The Beatles to John Denver. We didn’t have a TV yet so in order to entertain ourselves we would all dance around in the living room to “Hey, hey, we’re the monkeys” over and over again. My mother was a saint and would DJ the songs  [Read More…]